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Photo: Yamaha-Racing

  • HG

    “I´ll miss this number next year!”

  • gildas

    Lorenzo, the only man capable of being Motor GP world champion, AND a profondly boring wanabe at the same time…

  • ML

    I thought JL had “big brother” issues, but it looks like he’s just a douche.

  • froryde

    Actually I think the initial-number-logo thing is quite cool. Too bad he’s still a douchebag.

  • “Jorge presents the new “Junior League” logo”

    (Heh. That cap and the baggy pants makes him look like a 12 year old skate kid)

  • William

    What a bunch of pathetic losers the people who Hate are . Jorge is not my favorite rider,but he is a more than a deserving Champion . He has proven that thru-out his career. I tried to find Motogp sites besides crash in order to escape the whiners and crybaby’s, but it seems that some have found this site too.

    The real posers and douche bags are the people who cannot understand and have absolutely No clue- as to how much talent it takes to even make it on the Grid: let alone do what Jorge did last year.

    Comment on his looks and his behavior, though i believe the Story concerned the Number not his appearance or if he didn’t behave to your standards, grow up and say something relevant.

  • SBPilot

    @ William.

    Though I agree with you to a certain extent. I think it’s fair to assume that no one doesn’t appreciate his talent, it’s evidently there and he’s superbly quick. He just portrays himself as the many descriptions posted by others, ala “douchebag” , “12 year old skate kid” , “wannabe”, most of which are true.

    Regardless of your skill and accomplishments, if you present yourself the way he does, unfortunately, you don’t win too many people’s hearts. He’s on top of the world, and he’s also only 24 years old, so telling him to grow up is out of the question it seems, but really, it’s him who needs to grow up a bit. His manager should be giving him some guidance perhaps.

  • 76

    Agreed JL proved he was the best last year and thats no small challenge, thats the best rider in the world. I also hope he realizes he needs to be more of himself (whoever that is) and work with that. His after race theatrics did not show well, they as everyone has already commented seemed contrived and forced rather than fun, let alone un original. It showed he was still trying to prove something when he was already the best racer.

    Maybe he needs a hypeman instead, like his very own Flavor Flav or something cause hes needs to hang up his acting career and keep with the racing which he has already proved, hes the one to beat.

    The logo, its cool, looks good lets get on with the season already.

  • gildas

    I’m not a hater, I admire his talent to no ends. He is a master of his art on a bike.

    BUT, and this is just a vain BUT, he seems to be very ill advised by someone on what to do and how to look. He probably is a great guy, with stories about sliding the front at 140mph, but some people want to make him look like a cross between a skate kid and Jesse James AND fooling no one.

    I wish PR asshats would leave him the fuck alone.

  • When these guys act like themselves they are hated on as well so I guess there is no winning for them. Pedrosa is a great example. He dresses and acts like himself, but he gets hated on to no end for having no personality, style, flair, etc… and now JL for having too much.

    Why anyone cares about any of it I’ll probably never know. If JL wants to get rich by dressing and acting like a fool good for him. If Perdosa wants to keep his dignity, good for him. None of it means anything to me. I’m just interested in who does what on the track. Boring I know.

  • Jorge’s victory is well deserved, he’s a very skilled rider, a joy to look at (riding!) and we’re glad he’s part of the field. We’re just making a bit of fun about his hat, come on, lighten up.

  • 76

    I think Ben Spies proves your point that they can be themselves, a racer, talk about racing and without the confetti and cape but still be respected, popular and respected. Yes they can just be racers and still win both ways, it just takes more time. Theatrics, I’m all for it, its fun and it can be emotional and entertaining, it also can go terribly wrong and well your going to get called on it when it does.

    I will bite my tounge with concern for Dani Pedrosa and Alberto Puig.

  • What happens next year he’s not the champion? back to 99 ? Cool and douchy at the same time.