MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo Breaks Collarbone at Assen

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Jorge Lorenzo has fractured his left collarbone during practice at Assen. The factory Yamaha man was thrown from his bike at the Hoge Heide left-right flick, the fastest part of the circuit, and landed right on his shoulder.

He was taken to the medical center, where examination revealed a fractured collarbone. Lorenzo is to fly back to Barcelona tonight, to have surgery on the collarbone. He will not take part in the race in Assen on Saturday.

The injury came at the worst possible time for Lorenzo. Although a fractured collarbone can be fixed quickly with a plate, that still leaves the injury painful and weak. With the Sachsenring in two weeks’ time, followed seven days later by Laguna Seca, Lorenzo faces two tracks consisting mainly of left-hand corners, placing a lot of pressure on the injury.

If Lorenzo is capable of racing at Sachsenring, he will face a very difficult challenge securing strong results. One DNF and the possibility of two further weak results would make it very difficult for Lorenzo to defend his championship. Statements from Yamaha Racing concerning Lorenzo’s injury are after the jump.

Statements from Yamaha Racing:

Despite being the fastest rider in the first day of practice today, the Assen TT proved again to be a disaster for the third year running for current World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. The Mallorcan had dominated the morning dry session and had shown an impressive pace in the afternoon’s wet practice until a huge high side at the fastest corner of the track. The first diagnosis is a left clavicle fracture which will require surgery. As a result the title challenger will miss Saturday’s Dutch Grand Prix.

“Unfortunately we didn’t start the practice in Assen as we wanted. Jorge, after an incredible free practice one, had a crash in the wet in the afternoon and he broke his collarbone. This is a real pity as we were coming from two brilliant results and looking for a third. We have to accept this, it is part of our sport. We wish him the best to come back as soon as possible and stronger than before. Vale did two good practices, it seems the feeling he was looking for in the front is back. Fortunately we had the opportunity to test in Barcelona and in Aragon to find it. Let’s see tomorrow what we can do. Here it is very difficult to predict the weather forecast but we are ready whatever the circumstances.” – Massimo Meregalli – Yamaha Factory Racing Team Director

“Jorge has a high inertia trauma but results are normal from initial neurological examination. We will move to Assen to make head and chest scans and also an abdominal exploration. Our first diagnosis revealed that there is a left clavicle fracture with a slight shift that will need surgery to repair the bone. This injury is in the background while we rule out any other major injury that may become apparent within 24 hours. These kind of impacts at more than 200 km/h need some time for the body to recover to be able to discard any other major injuries. In principle tomorrow he can travel and within 48 hours he will be operable.” – Dr. Xavier Mir – Chief of Hand Surgery at the Dexeus Hospital (Barcelona) and MotoGP Team Medical Doctor

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  • Mike
  • keet

    Wonder how elated Rossi is? He might actually get another podium now! Now if he could just get rid of Marquez, Pedrosa, and Crutchlow, he might actually have a shot at the title.

  • Damo

    If Dani remains focused, it is his championship to lose.

  • Faust

    This is Dani’s title to loose now! This is easily his best chance if winning one yet.

  • Jon

    Is anyone not impressed by the fact that he got right up after that crash. Over 230 kph! Wow….

  • TexusTim

    yea impresive he got up and glad he didnt get hurt any worse.
    and now dani can finally win a championship although he will have marquez nipping at his heals to keep him on his toes..his best shot and now has this new kid damn his luck;…lol cmon dani you got this.

  • Gutterslob

    From the video, it looked like he got up without even realizing that he’d damaged (let alone broke) his collarbone. Maybe it was the adrenaline still flowing, maybe it was the airbag suit applying pressure on the area, I don’t know. Lorenzo’s known to have very high pain tolerance, even compared to other riders (or so I’ve heard) and if anyone can ride through the pain barrier, it’s him. Hoping he makes the grid in Germany.

  • mike

    Sorry to see this. Jorge was doing so well & hopfully can come back quickly.
    I know wet racing is part & parcel of MotoGP but at times I wonder.
    It can cancel any skill level & any wet tire technology in a flash due to puddling like this looked to be. s
    So what is the point of it.

  • L2C

    Damn. Hope dude didn’t suffer any other injuries. If he didn’t, I’m sure he’ll make an attempt to race at Sachsenring. He’s tough, he’ll be okay.

  • Mitch


    After a crash you’re sorted of high on adrenalin. A couple minutes later you’re feelin’ it.

    Did the airbag actually deploy?

  • JW


  • Damn

    Damn Lorenzo! after 2 wins this wasn’t what i suspected for this weekend. 3rd year unlucky now. recover very very soon. Think Honda must be smiling right now thinking we gonna make it we gonna make it. Jorge is a massive pain in the ass for hrc. 2 wins in a row and on a mission in assen. to bad, i was very possitive he would win this 1 to.

  • Everett

    In the crash footage I see that he began to lean the bike just ever so slightly from the white line on the left/outside edge, the fact it was wet just meant the grip wasn’t there. Highsides, ouch.