John Hopkins Signs with FB Corse MotoGP Team

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MotoGP new comer FB Corse has announced that they’ve signed John Hopkins to their 2010 season debut. When FB Corse first hit our radar back in September, the new MotoGP team stated that they had not secured a rider, but were keen on signing American John Hopkins to their racing efforts.

After things fell silent on the Italian front, we broke the news that John Hopkins has since been in talks about a possible ride in the AMA Pro Racing series with Pat Clark Motorsports. It would seem that PCM’s AMA Deathstar will have to go on hold for now, as FB Corse has officially announced that Hopper will be riding with them next year. Hopper will join the FB Corse team in Milan on January 21st for the team’s official presentation.

In their announcement, FB Corse also announced that is has secured Simone Gorztkyj to ride the team’s Moto2 bike. Gorztkyj will ride the 600cc machine in five races as a wildcard. Both Hopper and Gorztkyj will take part in shakedown tests set for January  in either Italy or Spain, weather depending.

For their MotoGP effort FB Corse will be using a three cylinder machine, which is the left-overs from the now defunct BMW MotoGP effort. According to the current MotoGP rules, FB Corse’s triple can be nearly 15lbs lighter than the rest of the field’s four and five cylinder motorcycles. Let’s hope FB Corse has better luck with their triple than the last Italian team who tried the three cylinder arrangment with an American on board.

Source: GPone