John Hopkins Confirmed with FB Corse?

01/05/2010 @ 10:48 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

There seems to be a back and forth going on as to whether John Hopkins will be riding with FB Corse at a limited number of MotoGP events this year. First there was the announcement that was picked up by major reporters and even some racing sponsors which slotted the American with the Italian team.

However when the news reached Bob Moore, Hoppers manager, he flat out denied that Hopkins had signed anything, and that they were still considering offers including a ride in the AMA.┬áNow Italian site, which has been well connected to the FB Corse team from day one, is again saying the American will be in the riders seat at the team’s unveiling later this month.

Spanish news site, places Hopper as still not signing with team FB Corse, but says the American will be traveling to Italy to watch FB Corse test rider Luca Cadalora test the MotoGP machine.

Both of these sites seem to suggest that Hopper riding on the formerly BMW powered machine as a done deal, but with the deal still waiting to actually be done. We’re not sure what’s holding both parties back from completing an agreement, but geography may be playing a factor.

More on this story as we get it.

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  • Who could possibly care where this overrated hack rides??

  • Dude

    Agreed. Hopper has either been broken, or otherwise a non-contender for a while now.

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  • God

    2007 on the suzuki he was up with the top guys in Gp. Broken yes, he has had the worst luck with injury and crashes. But I have to say he has one of the best riding styles, enjoyable to watch. With equal machinery hopper can push with best. You fellos, if you even own a bike, as grown men could not beat hopper when he was winning races at 15 yrs old.

  • I do own bikes (6), but I don’t make my living by racing motorcycles for a living. Hopkins has not lived up to the hype from his start in GP and that is a simple fact. Can he beat me, sure. On the other hand, I could stomp him at what I do as a profession. That is meaningless.

  • Dan

    He’s about as fast as any of them, I think. Hasn’t been on top-level equipment. Ever. Early on, he rode the wheels off of the lesser machinery to make a name for himself, but after a few years of having NO CHANCE to win and risking life and limb, he backed off a bit. Not exactly an uncharted path.