If John Hopkins didn’t have his bad luck, the Anglo-American would have no luck at all. Crashing in the questionable conditions at Monza, the Crescent Fixi Suzuki rider injured himself at the Italian World Superbike round. Highsiding during the race, Hopper has broken his right foot and torn muscles in his left hip. Though the team hoped he would be able to ride at the British WSBK round at Donington Park, further tests and scans have shown his injuries to be far worse than originally thought.

Crescent Fixi Suzuki is expected to make a rider replacement announcement in the near future, though there has been no hint as to whom would take Hopper’s place.¬†On the bright side for American WSBK fans, Hopper should recover in time for the Miller Motorsports Park round, which is set to race on Memorial Day Weekend (Monday, May 28th 2012). Hopefully Hopkins can bounce back from his injury, and stay healthy for the remainder of the season.

Source: Suzuki Racing

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    G. Zuss! Guy cannot catch a damn break? No pun intended, but seriously Hopper is simultaneously “the shit” and a “shit magnet”. So sad.

  • ngads

    This guy is made of glass…great rider on his day but that day is rare

  • MP

    Damn. I’m a big hopper fan, but why is this poor guy always breaking?! He must push it hard over the limit around every corner.

    Get better JH.

  • Steve

    Don’t stand too close to him in a lightning storm.

  • John

    Races are won with your head, not your gut. Having the courage to push past your limit is admirable, but if Hopkins could dial it back just a notch or two, his career might have been far better. As it is, its a shame to see his potential wasted as he sits on the sidelines. You can’t win a race if you can’t finish it and you can’t win a championship if you can’t finish races.

  • Dave

    I wish Hopper could crash more like DePuniet and not get hurt so badly. …Edwards wishes DePuniet wouldn’t crash so much period.

    Is Hopkins missing a portion of his right ring finger? I must be a few injuries behind. When did he lose the finger?

    …speaking of former Suzuki GP riders, Vermeulen is back!

  • Bruce

    @ Dave

    Yes, last year. Crash with broken finger. Finger pinned. Crashed again, broke finger again. Throw some infections in there along the way. Partial amputation.

  • Dave

    @ Bruce.

    Well that stinks. He had a serious wrist injury, I believe it was a season before last and it was looking like that would end his career.

    Talent, bravery, luck. John Hopkins has so much of the first two and none of the third. Worst of all, if you’ve listened to/read any of his interviews he seems to be one of the nicest guys you’d meet in the paddock.

    As always before I wish him a speedy recovery and hope his luck changes.

    Some others suggested he turn it down a notch or two, crash less, finish more often. It makes total sense and I agree.–John Hopkins isn’t wired that way. It is what sets him apart. It’s also why he’s on the sideline now.

    Maybe Kevin Schwantz was the last madman to come out the other side unscathed. These days you can’t ride at or over the limit without constantly getting hurt.

  • Westward

    Maybe he should try a lower classification like the 600 series, or maybe even just hang it up before he loses more than just a finger. I have to agree, Hopkins has a lot of luck and it’s mostly all bad…

    I think it’s a sign, and unfortunately for him, it’s a red one that reads stop…

  • Dave


    agreed. Sadly.

    He has luck–that he’s still alive. If racing doesn’t kill him, it seems he must feel that leaving the sport surely would.

  • JW

    “if he didnt have bad luck he’d have no luck at all”

    Cream 1968