Maybe it is because Laguna Seca is our home round, but we were really digging the Red Bull US GP posters that the track had up in various moto haunts in San Francisco. Minimalist, with just enough color to pop on the white backgrounds, the promo posters were obviously something right up our own taste for aesthetics.

That being said, the 2012 AirAsia Japanese Grand Prix posters might be the best we have ever seen. Let us know who your favorite anime MotoGP character is in the comments. Our notes after the jump.

Casey Stoner: We can honestly say we never thought of Casey as a Ken from Streetfighter type of guy.

Jorge Lorenzo: KANEDA!!!!

Nicky Hayden: Don’t worry, this guy is legit.

Dani Pedrosa: Too much, or not enough, teenager angst. We can’t decide.

Andrea Dovizioso: We are seriously concerned that he is about to kidnap Casey.

Cal Crutchlow: Spot on.

Valentino Rossi: We are just glad he made it onto the poster. *Cough* Ben Spies *Cough*

  • If anyone knows how to buy one of these PLEASE tell me. I will pay handsomely!

  • What he said.

  • Logan

    Thirded! Please!

  • meatspin

    Jensen, you’re such a nerd. I gotta admit, I love the poster, and the Akira reference is apt. The movie left quite a mark on me as well even though it had at times a weird narrative.

  • Ryan

    Awesome. just awesome

  • Quadded!

  • You’re just now figuring out I’m a huge nerd? Maybe my social skills have improved. Hmm…

  • Exodus

    Do want. Very yes.

    Also maybe its me but this could SO EASILY be turned into an anime series. It’s all there.

  • ZeitgeistXiii

    Nah not really, maybe they have not met you in person. pfft..

  • Ed Gray

    OK I’ll answer the question.

    My favorite is Crutchlow.

  • Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  • Jensen, please, get some hi-res plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • MAAAAAAANNNNNN, now i’ve figured out….

    Where’s Valentino?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!!

    Now the fans goes crazy!

  • Laurençio

    Yes, Indeed. Gotta love the Crutchlow

  • Corey

    so where does one see a picture of the US GP poster you referenced?

  • Andrew Hsu

    I also found the image on website:

    Would love to have a poster as well.

  • Mp

    Crutchlow wins and Fred, valentino is the one highest up with the fro

  • Gritboy

    LOL! That’s awesome. I’m guessing they just wanted to bring some youthful fun to the event given last year’s somber tone.

  • Westward

    I think I found Spies on the poster…

    Oh wait, thats just Crutchlow’s hand…

    So who has the connections with someone in japan..? Have them scan a quality copy and post it on the web with a link on this comment thread…

  • meatspin

    the funniest part of the poster is the “Make a new road!” caption below Japan.

  • Mp

    I´ve thinked the high one was Simoncelli LMFAO

  • Peter G

    Sugoi desu ne !!

  • John

    Crutchlow should be his own poster. I’d drop a benjamin on it without blinking.

  • m baker

    pedrosa was so awesome,can see the revenge in the eyes.

  • jr2

    I have all the Laguna Seca posters back to the USGP days… All the posters from 2005 on have a similar style… maybe you should do an article on all the 2012 posters!

    Wait I’ll have to check MotoGP site to see if they have them all…

  • Terrafly

    Love the poster………….somebody pick some up and get us some!!

  • Hugh

    I would definitely buy this. Mainly so I can think of Akira every time I see Lorenzo…

  • Dave

    Crutchlow looks like a cross between a wild-eyed speed racer villain and the drummer from the muppets

  • pooch

    easily the best thing I’ve seen on the internet lately!

    The only close thing to Ken from Streetfighter, is the blonde hair….sorry. But the artists definitely got the attitude right, with the low eyebrows, Stoner looks slightly pissed off…

    I’m colour printing this and putting it up in my garage :)

  • Pooch, tell me what size you print it and how it looks.
    There’s a ‘cleaner’ version for everyone to look at too!

  • smiler

    just no short skirted japanese school girls…whoops wrong forum…!

  • aw man…i want this printed on my wall so bad.

    I’ve searched in japanese google but… find nothing

    (Motogp 2012 japan poster high resolution)

  • Daniel

    “You framed an Asia poster?”

  • I am diggin’ how Casey looks and Nicky Hayden. The look is dead on. Where do I go to purchase one?

  • Jensen, This poster actually reminded me of Akira as well. If you like that movie, pick up Neo Tokyo and watch the short called the Running Man. This reminds me of every road racer and their passion about winning.

  • Westward

    @Fred Santos

    Try using the words on the poster in your search, like “AirAsia & Grand Prix of Japan”

  • JohnMc

    This picture is from a magazine. On the right side of the frame you can see next page. Does anyone know what magazine ran this?

  • Chili Pie

    Here’s a link to Twin Ring Motegi’s store/shop- by the look of things (or hopefully) you could order it from here. I can’t read/write Japanese, but if someone else can, maybe you can let us know if they’re available?

  • nori

    checked but the poster is not for sale unfortunately…

  • Damo

    I love it. Very Initial-D.

  • Dovi – The look on his face is good. He’s looking towards Rossi as though he sees Marco’s fro and the rivalry is back!

    Crutchlow is killer.

  • Cromagnon

    Go Here: It’s a freaking comic book…maybe…But it sure looks like it’s for sale

    “Wooo!!”, “Hmmm…”

  • Cromagnon

    Then hit the “Mobility Station” link!

  • Cromagnon

    Somebody got a few thousand yen I can borrow?

  • It seems like the things you can buy are DVDs, I think?

  • MikeD

    For my life, i swear i can NOT figure out who the hell is the guy with the short hair next to Stoner.
    Anyone ? Help ?

  • MikeD

    P.S: I love Manga and Anime but this just feels…………………..don’t stone me……….wrong/wierd ?

    While in Rome do as Romans do ?

  • Cromagnon

    MikeD says:
    August 2, 2012 at 4:41 PM
    “For my life, i swear i can NOT figure out who the hell is the guy with the short hair next to Stoner.
    Anyone ? Help ?”

    That would be Jorge.

  • That’s Jorge with his woman-made-lookin eyebrows hahahah

    Anyone finds the Poster in a better resolution?

  • “It’s a freaking comic book…maybe”

    It’s a DVD…definitely. And it’s just the cover art that is manga style. A high-res version of the poster I haven’t found. As for the ad being in a bike magazine, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you could find them at a Japanese import shop. A lot of shops like that have a recent book/magazine section.

  • Scott

    I am in Japan on holiday. I will look in some mags

  • TexasTim

    “MAKE A NEW ROAD” ?……uh .. ok ?….bawawawawahaha

  • Bruce Monighan

    ok so go to the site listed before

    Click on the poster banner at the top and it enlarges,

    Right click ” save as”

    and you get a nice but smallish (8 1/2 x 11) print in very good quality.

    Not a poster for sure, but nice to put on the wall in my office next to my Moto GP autographs

  • There are currently no plans to produce it in poster form. I’ve made an appeal to the artist to produce the poster -put in your 2 cents in the comments section:

  • I have no problem commissioning a production run, assuming the artist agrees and has the legal rights to the work. Maybe we can make this a fundraiser for Riders for Health?