Hillier Sets 206 MPH Sulby Record on a Kawasaki H2R

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The Sulby Straight is the fastest part of the Isle of Man TT course, and when the conditions are right, it’s not uncommon for the big Superbike and Senior TT bikes to break the 200 mph mark on the nearly mile-long stretch.

It is, however, a bit uncommon for riders to reach the 200 mph mark during the TT’s parade laps, but don’t tell that to James Hillier. “Parading” the supercharged Kawasaki H2R around the Mountain Course, Hillier set an outright top speed record down the Sulby Straight, with an official speed of 206 mph.

As you may have guessed, 206 mph is faster than anyone has ever been recorded down the Sulby Straights. What makes it even more impressive, though the H2R has over 300 horsepower, the hyperbike had only minor suspension changes for the road course, hence the bumpy video below.

According to accounts, Hillier wasn’t exactly taking the out-of-the-box H2R for a leisurely stroll around the Isle of Man at the other corners as well, with Strava giving him an unofficial 109.5 mph lap average.

We imagine that if had more distance, and a couple more attempts that 206 figure could have been pushed north considerably further. Have a look at the run, in the video below:


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IOM TT Races

IOM TT Races

Source: IOMTT; Top Photo: © 2015 Tony Goldsmith / – All Rights Reserved