Italy Enters the TTXGP Mix with CRP Racing

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Italy’s CRP Racing has announced it will be entering into the electric racing gig, and exclusivel providing electric motorcycles to teams in the upcoming TTXGP 2010 series, which includes PRO1, PRO2, Isle of Man, and circuit races across the globe. Launching with their Italian styled eCRP 1.0 (to debut at the NEC show in Birmingham), CRP Racing is the first electric motorcycle concept to come from Italy and enter into the electric motorcycle racing fray.

Livia Cevolini of CRP Racing, said of the announcement that:

“Joining the project of TTXGP means for us stretching the boundary of innovation in a race for the future! I find this project an extraordinary idea. These motorcycles are real examples of a ‘laptop on two wheels’ and I think that they will capture a new audience. In particular, they have the ability to engage with all young people who understand the latest electronic technologies and started surfing the net before going to primary school. The eCRP 1.0 will be ready for the launch on 13 January during the NEC. However, we will present the project for the first time in America at PRI in December to demonstrate just what an Italian manufacturer can bring to that particular market. I support and share the idea of TTXGP Founder, Azhar Hussain, who deserves to be given the credit for creating a new era of motorsport. Moreover, I think that these bikes are also a skilful demonstration of how motorsport can adjust to the environment without giving up its identity.”

For TTXGP this announcement marks another commitment to the British-based racing series, that has now splintered from the FIM. It also marks a further advancement in the rush to land-grab in the budding electric motorcycle space.

Source: RoadRacing World