IOMTT: Royal London 360 Superstock TT Race Results

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Another four-lap race, the Royal London 360 Superstock TT features the big bikes, but as the name implies, in superstock trim (i.e. with only a few modifications to motorcycle compared to as it comes from the factory).

Even though these bikes are only mildly tuned, the mostly 1,000cc four-cylinder field is surprisingly fast — putting down average lap speeds that are only shy of the Superbike and Senior laps by a mile per hour or two. The second race from Monday, after Race 1 of the Monster Energy Supersport TT, we have a Superstock TT race report for you after the jump.

Toss your hat at him, because Michael Dunlop made it three in a row on his Honda race bikes on Monday, taking an elusive double-win for the day. The double didn’t come easy though, as Dunlop had something new occur for the TT fortnight, he had to really push until the finish line to capture the race victory, whereas in the Superbike and Supersport races he lead from the word go.

The man he was chasing was one Gary Johnson, whose Kawasaki was in the lead until the final lap, when it unfortunately sprung a small oil leak. Holding on to finish the race though, Johnson’s fortune still seems to be bleak at the 2013 Isle of Man TT, but the man from Lincolnshire was at least finally able to translate his hard work into a podium finish.

In second until catching Johnson, Dunlop was followed first by Guy Martin on his Tyco Suzuki, but unfortunately for Guy, he picked up a 30 second penalty during the pit stop for exceeding the pit lane speed limit. This dropped Martin to fifth, but it would be a moot point as his Suzuki gave up the ghost, forcing Martin to retire from the race on the third lap at Glen Duff. Despite his setback, Martin was upbeat about his chances in the Senior TT after his pace in the Superstock race.

Martin’s retirement bumped McGuinness into the final podium spot, and Dean Harrison into fourth place. McPint would go on to praise Michael’s pace in the Superstock TT, which is no surprise considering Dunlop set a class record with a 131.220 mph race lap — just a few tenths off the outright Mountain Course lap record.

For complete race results, click here. Follow the rest of our 2013 Isle of Man TT coverage right here.

Source: IOMTT; Photo: © 2013 Richard Mushet / Mushet Photo – All Rights Reserved

  • TheSeaward

    I wonder how much of Michael’s success can be attributed to being in better shape this year. Last picture I saw of him looked like he’d really slimmed down for endurance racing.

  • Gutterslob

    They did benefit from having more rubber on the road from the Supersport race just a few hours prior (no overnight rain to wash it off), but those are still some mighty impressive times for Superstock bikes on non-slick tires. Mike D rode like a demon.

  • The TT isn’t like a track…the roads are constantly changing. The amount of rubber put down by the riders each day is nothing compared to the tens of thousand of bikes that ride the course each day, not to mention the regular road traffic.

    Getting the weather just right is a huge factor. Teams, tires, bikes, riders are always improving too. To be honest, Michael Dunlop is just on his game right now. 40 lbs lighter than before, with some real backing behind him finally. We’re seeing him at or near his full potential, and I don’t think that was the case before.