Hopper to be at Brno, Does Not Have Osteoporosis

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In Germany to watch the MotoGP race, John Hopkins answered questions to the recent news that he had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Thankfully for the young American rider, that initial report that he had the bone disease was wrong, as a later test proved.

Hopper went on to confirm that, “I’ll be at Brno with my Stiggy Honda.”

John Hopkins mom, Linda, went on to Hopper’s official website to ease the minds of troubled fans over the news. In her post, she states:

“Dr Ting has NOT diagnosed John with Osteoporosis. He did say the hip is healing nicely but the severity of the injury means it will take time. John did have a near highsider wednesday which did cause some pain last night so he thought he would get an X-ray just to be safe. It was read at the track by Dr Costa and then John sent it to Dr Ting for a second opinion. Dr Ting did suggest he get an MRI done and send it to him just to put his mind at rest. Which I think he’s doing tomorrow. Thanks for your concern AMP I read the same thing and was on the phone to John immediately but he assured me it wasn’t that bad. In fact he laughed at all the publicity it has created. This isn’t the first time he has been mis-diagnosed at the track or in the press and I doubt it will be the last.

Source:  GPone via Two Wheels Blog