Wild Card.

10/21/2012 @ 10:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler29 COMMENTS
  • Spamtasticus

    If he does not get a full ride next year then there is no justice. He has spirit, balls and obvious skill.

  • J

    The best wildcard racer ever..
    Can you just imagine, from 27th place and up to 1st, and down to 4th?
    I’m sure thats because of the tire issues after pushing so hard…

    What if the Red Flag happened sooner rather than later? =)

  • emon

    malaysia boleh….

  • pooch

    A fantastic performance, he races in the Spanish Moto2 so this is no noob wildcard.

    But he was really exciting to watch at Sepang. Well done sir!

  • Westward

    Great performance no doubt, but would like to know how well he does in the dry, plus, what is his ranking in the Spanish CEV?

    Well, I just looked it up and he is 6th, which is very respectable, making he better than I thought, and more amazing in the wet…

  • Hey guys, this one started his career from a CubPrix race in Malaysia.

    This video posted by PETRONASMotorsports

    “Even a litle cub.. can roar like a warrior”


    Published on Oct 17, 2012 by PETRONASMotorsports

    18-year old Malaysian Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah, a member of PETRONAS’ Talent Development Programme currently competes in the 2012 Campeonata de Espana de Velocidad (CEV Buckler Spanish National Motorcycle Championship) with impressive results in his rookie season. He returns to Malaysia in October to compete on a wildcard ticket in the Moto2 category at the Malaysian MotoGP. Go Hafizh!!!

  • If this kid got more chance in the next season, wonder how would he become in a full season race. Just one wild card entry & now he already in 23rd place out of 28 full season racer with 13 point in the Moto2 World Standing 2012. Maybe that just a luck or maybe he really got what it take to be world racer. Wish him a success career in the future.


    This is what he said after race :

    “I pushed hard step by step to reach the front group. At the beginning of the race, half the track was dry which allowed me to put in some really quick laps. Unfortunately, when the rain came down again, I had no more treads left on my rear tyre and I could do nothing when the full-season riders powered past me. In all, I am really happy with my achievements today and I thank my team and my sponsors who have nurtured me so far,” said Hafizh.


  • Afletra

    I have to say “WOW” for him. Really :)

  • Az

    And very down to earth too……

  • justadude

    Yeah, the guy rode his butt off. I was pulling for him to at least podium. Hopefully a team will give him a shot next year.

  • He and Fahmi really put on a great show this weekend. Great rides, the both of them!

  • MikeD

    “Unfortunately, when the rain came down again, I had no more treads left on my rear tyre ”

    Ahhh, Bridgestone latest and greatest tires/compounds at it’s finest…Fudgin up someone’s race instead of helping even before the race is finished.

    I feel bad for the guy. Better luck next time. U deserve better.

  • Rolo Tommassi

    MikeD, I was going to call you out for being a triple-throw-down knuckle dragging idiot for posting such an asinine mouth-breathing fucktard comment about how an 18-year-old wildcard would even have a demon’s chance in heaven to make a set of you-name-the-brand’s rain tires last going the pace that he did… then I did what you could not possibly do, and rubbed my existing brain cells together and remembered that this series is is on SPEC DUNLOPS!!! You sir are an asshole. I say good day.

  • MikeD


    Haaa, is this true ? Man, i gotta get my crooked facts rigth. I thought all the GP classes where supplied by Bridgestone.
    Anyone care to set the record straight ? If im wrong im wrong…wouldn’t be the first not last time…i’ll live with it. LOL.

    By the way, did u read my post….i wasn’t knocking on the racer but rather his tires. Do you have a complete grasp of the English Idiom ? Seems not. Oh, that and control your Ovulating Mood Swings & don’t forget to take your Rabies Medicine and a Midol…seems a little late since u sound like your foaming at the mouth already BARKING LIKE A PISSED DOG.

    Relax my dear CaveMan, is only the Internet…don’t want you to burst a blood vessel in your primitive brain.

  • MikeD

    Indeed, Google is everyone’s friend. Dunlops all around in Moto 3. I guess Bridgestones ain’t the only sucky ones.

    Rolo, would it have hurt much to say it in a nice way from the begining instead of start calling names like a child ? U could have made the same point.

  • Wow Rolo.T, cool down bro…no need to call people as asshole here, you can just correct him instead of bitching on him. I heard the commentator say something about tyre management & this could be one thing that he miss out. Really hope I can see this kid in a full season race next year. In CEV, the Spaniard call him as “Pescao” meaning “little fish” due to his riding style in rainy condition at CEV.

    What a sad to hear that some people curse on him cause he lead the race in front of their favorite rider over the net. Nevermind, the rest can follow his progress at his team website :

  • Mike.D, what about Khairuddin as another local rider in the race at Sepang? I believe this guy will do the same sooner or later considering his performance so far, they both(Hafizh & Khairuddin) started from a local CubPrix race & now they’re making their move to carve their name in the world class race.

  • I got a clear vids on the net for Moto2 race :

    * Can someone share with me if there is any link to Moto3 & MotoGP race vids?

  • Mike,

    You really can’t diss the tires. Syahrin was absolutely COOKIN’ during the drier portion of the race, and we all should know what the heck happens to rain tires when you cook ’em on a dry(ish) line: They chunk and degrade horribly. The pace he rode to pull himself from the rear part of the grid to lead the race surely was the beginning of the end for the guy.

    I rank that Moto2 wild card race right up there with Abe’s run at Suzuka. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

  • MikeD


    Both of them local kids will make it if they put their mind and soul into it. Apparently talent is not a problem. Wish i had 1/4 of their skills. LOL.

    @Trane: Xcuse my ignorance. I didn’t know any better who was supplying who and that rain tires couldn’t take the beating of a dry track. To me tires “should” work is all conditions, just that some last longer than others (i have 0 racing xperience, i guess it shows, ah ? LOL). I have Pilots Road 2 on my “scooter”, those B&^%#es are HARD to wear and work pretty ok-ish on the wet…then again is like MELONS to oranges…or worse ( 250hp>120hp…god rider>joe schmoe…~150mph+ almosts all the time>100mph bursts ).
    Is ok, i know better now.

  • “Both of them local kids will make it if they put their mind and soul into it.”

    I’d say that’s a given, mate. I’ve been cheering for Fahmi for the last 2 years. Syahrin really just burst upon the scene and splattered talent all over the place. I’d dearly love to see this guy get a full-time Moto2 ride; he’d really spice up the championship, IMO. And Fahmi could very well wind up being a world champion one day. He seems to be doing everything right and his progression is exemplary.

  • jems

    See the difference?
    It’s 2011 bike!!!

    01- Alex De Angelis – NGM Mobile Forward Racing – FTR Moto M212 – 15 laps in 36’57.793
    02- Anthony West – QMMF Racing Team – Speed Up S12 – + 0.710
    03- Gino Rea – Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 – Suter MMXII – + 1.363
    04- Hafizh Syahrin – Petronas Raceline Malaysia – FTR Moto M211 – + 2.941


  • J


    IMHO, the officials must be thinking “what the heck, just give this dude the old bike, he would never win anyway…”
    but, surprise-surprise……. he has performed, damn fast, and seen as the best wild card ever.
    Those local officials must have regretted it!

  • Leo

    My favorite new rider period.

  • There is no coverage in MotoGP website regarding this rider performance in Sepang race. Are they blind or something get in their eye when this kid lead the race?

  • What a great news for Hafizh :

    IN DEMAND: Aspar team showing keen interest in having him on board

    TEENAGE sensation Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah could find his career hitting the fast-forward button after being courted by the Aspar team, who run squads in all three classes of the FIM World Motorcycle Championship.

    This means, Hafizh could find himself as a full-season competitor in the world championship as early as next year.

    Having burst onto the scene with his explosive fourth place from 27th on the grid as a Moto2 wild card in the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Sepang Circuit on Sunday, the 18-year old has gained interest from a number of big teams.

    That was the best ever performance by a Malaysian wildcard entry in history and arguably one of the best performances by any wildcard entry on the world championship calendar in recent years.

    While others contemplated, Aspar chief executive officer Jorge Martinez was quick to express interest in wanting the Ampang-born Hafizh on board his team next season.

    But current team Petronas Raceline Malaysia and Petronas have stated they would rather give the rider time to develop himself further in the Spanish CEV Buckler Moto2 Championship before taking the big step into the world championship.

    Martinez was then said to have adjusted his offer to accommodate plans already set by Raceline and Petronas for Hafizh.

    “It is an open offer. They are prepared to take Hafizh on board be it for a full season in the Moto3 or Moto2 world championship or in the Spanish CEV Buckler series,” said Petronas Raceline Malaysia manager Barry Leong.
    Leong was called in for negotiation with Martinez at the circuit immediately after the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday.

    “They want to provide their services and work with us in bringing Hafizh forward. Of course, the decision is not mine, so I have asked for them to make a formal offer in black and white so that we can study this together with Petronas.

    “There are many stages to the offer, also about what we can contribute to move forward together and once we have got all of that officially, only then can we study it and decide what is best for Hafizh,” said Leong.

    Having previously stated the team and Petronas are committed to a long-term programme for Hafizh, with an eye on a full-season in the world championship only in 2014, this offer now changes the perspective.

    Read more: MOTORCYCLING: Hafizh a wanted man – Racing – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/sports/racing/motorcycling-hafizh-a-wanted-man-1.161224#ixzz2AEsHgWbo

  • MikeD

    Great for him !!!

  • Don S

    I thought it was great! He was racing for his home fans!!! Glad he finished and didn’t crash!

  • Barry G Russell

    He was offered a ride for 2012 season with a front-running Moto2 team, but the deal didn’t go through, so if there’s any justice he will get a top ride for next season.