Gresini Says No to Marco Simoncelli in WSBK, for 2011

05/12/2011 @ 10:45 am, by Victoria Reid7 COMMENTS

In an effort to get out ahead of rumors suggesting Marco Simoncelli would be participating in World Superbike racing in 2011, his Gresini Honda MotoGP team has definitively stated that he will not be doing so. Though he appeared at the WSBK Monza round just this past weekend, Simoncelli will not be repeating his 2009 wild card performance at Imola or any other rounds this season. There, he placed third in the second race on an Aprilia, after not finishing the first race.

Simply put, there will be no extra racing for Simoncelli in a MotoGP field already marred by riders suffering health problems from extracurricular racing. However, Gresini Honda will be providing their star rider with a Honda CBR1000RR that he may test at his and the FIM’s discretion.

The team was quite firm that Simoncelli’s presence at Monza for WSBK racing had nothing to do with a WSBK wild card entry for the current MotoGP rider. Considering Simoncelli’s history, it would not have been out of the question for the rider to participate as a wild card at any of the WSBK rounds, though the team’s statement is adamant that he will not be doing so this year. Both Simoncelli and teammate Hiroshi Aoyama are at Le Mans, France this weekend for the fourth round of MotoGP racing.

Source: Gresini Honda; Photo: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • BikePilot

    Bummer, if it’d worked maybe he could have afforded a haircut.

  • 76

    Lets just focus on Simo getting back in the game and spanking Lorenzo

  • Rob

    If he has no chance of riding a WSBK round, then why let him test a CBR1000RR that has no real relevancy to a GP machine? Test the CBR for what?

  • Philip

    Keys to the 2012 fireblade maybe???

  • Ades

    Testing most probably a 1000cc 81mm bore Engine inside that frame for use next year in CRT teams in Moto GP………

    Perhaps the Gresini Team see’s an opportunity to both fund their own team via tuned engine sales to other CRT teams, and also evaluate the engine option for themselves……

  • spytech


    If i were to use any engine as a CRT team, it would have to be the aprilia engine, that has shown real big power. the engine is compact and flexible. they already have gear driven cams and to get it to 81mm its just a 2mm bore, as appose to the honda cbr it would take 5mm (76mm bore engine). throw in a dry clutch and a few more goodies and your good to go, a package that might rival the top teams with the engine allotment and extra fuel. the rider would be able to ride the bike how he wants without the need to conserve as much fuel and the engine could rev high, because they get to replace the engine sooner. italian team italian engine, hmmmm…

  • LutherG

    i love simoncelli and would rather watch him race minibikes, than listen to lorenzo