Video: Google Street View Does Silverstone

08/01/2012 @ 5:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Google Street View is one of those internet services that you don’t think much about, that is of course until you use it a few times, and wonder how you ever got along without it. Giving you an eye-level view of your destination, it has proved to be indispensable here at A&R, as we¬†search for a new workspace.

Tangents aside, the folks at Silverstone have been keen to get the British track a bit more publicity (ladies, did you see Leon Haslam getting his leathers painted on?), and accordingly invited the folks from Google to come out with its Street View camera setup.

Now, here is the fundamental difference between us Yanks and you Brits. Over here in America, land of freedom, democracy, and well armed bears, when we take a bunch of pictures of a road to put on the internet, we use this thing called an automobile. Crazy? Yes, we know.

We feel sorry for the poor Google bastard who had to ride the 3.666 mile track on a three-wheeled bicycle, that just doesn’t seem right (we hear it took him 45 minutes to get around the course). Watch the video of his labors after the jump. As for the fruits of his labor, check it out here.

Source: Silverstone (YouTube)

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    Looks like they’ll have so many images, and the cars were “choreographed” so that they’ll be able to speed it up and it will feel like getting a real lap around the track in the middle of a race!

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    Well maybe not full speed… but this is live already…. enjoy

  • Thanks Alex!

  • Cody

    I am assuming then that everyone has seen the Leguna Seca street view?

  • bill murray

    is that somehow related to lAguna seca?