Garry McCoy Out of WSS and into Moto2?

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Sultan of Slide Garry McCoy has been dismissed from the factory Triumph WSS team this week. While the team issued a press release saying that the move was mutual, McCoy tells a different story, and is quick to point out salary wasn’t the issue. Whatever the case may be, the late departure by McCoy means a tough road ahead for the Australian in finding a 2010 ride, and his best option seems to be Moto2.

For 2010, Triumph will be fielding 4 bikes, up from 3, in the factory-backed teams of ParkinGO and BE1 Racing. McCoy was to ride alongside Chaz Davies on the ParkinGO team, but at Triumph’s announcement of the 2010 season put Jason DiSalvo in this position. The last words of the press release stated the following:

There will be no place in the line-up for Garry McCoy. The Australian had been expected to take his place alongside Davies but has left the team by mutual consent.

Commenting on his rider line-up for the 2010 season, BE1 Racing team owner Giuliano Rovelli said: “I’m very sorry that Garry McCoy and my Team didn’t reach an agreement, and I thank him for his determination and expertise, and for the good results achieved in 2009. I do wish Garry all the best for his career in the next future.”

According to McCoy, the decision was anything but mutual. On his personal website McCoy wrote that he was shocked to hear that Triumph was letting him go, and went on to say that “this was going to be [his] third year with Triumph and amongst everything, it was going to be the greatest season for each and every person who has bet on Triumph’s project.” McCoy has denied allegations that his departure was over salary negotiations, which seems to be confirmed by his replacement coming in the form of Jason DiSalvo (DiSalvo brings with him no personal sponsorships that would help fund the ParkinGo team).

For McCoy the options are slim. There are few remaining rides in WSS, and the only series that seems to still be really looking for racers, is Moto2. The Australian has signaled that he would be interested in riding for a Moto2 squad if it was the right opportunity. At this point its hard to tell what teams will be at the front of the pack come race day, which makes McCoy’s job of finding the right team even more challenging.

Source: MotoMatters