Friday at Mugello with Jules Cisek

07/14/2012 @ 1:35 am, by Jules Cisek7 COMMENTS
  • anti

    Nice high contrast gritty shots, very cool. Although, maybe leave the dutch tilt for the wedding photographers….

  • Francis

    Leave the Dutch Tilt, it’s a photographers discression…. Funny none of the photos made me feel like I was at a wedding. Keep up the great work. New fan….!

  • Nice shots Jules, sadly I did not see the reader anywhere.

  • i go full tilt :)

    worlds colliding there robin!!!

  • I expect nothing less. ;)

  • ngads

    nice shots Jules! I was hoping to see some of these! (I knew you were gonna be there from motopodcast)

  • Ken

    I have been enjoying your work for quite some time now .Please keep up the good work
    And thank you very much for the fantastic photographs