Friday at Indianapolis with Scott Jones

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Photos: © 2013 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Paul McM

    Great Pix! Big thank you to Scott Jones and to Jensen (for running this site).

    So… will we have coverage on Speed of the race. The website is FUBAR with today’s changeover to Fox Sports.

  • MajorTom

    According to some announcer on Speed today, “all of the regular speed stuff will still be on the new Fox Sports 1 channel.”

  • L2C

    I’m not sure about that Karel Abraham dude. He’d probably have an easier time in another class of motorcycling sport, I think. Why doesn’t he just drop back down a class to Moto2 and get more experience? MotoGP is clearly too much for him. He makes way too many mistakes and lands off his bike way too often. This should be cause for concern.

    But Jorge cracks me up. All that serpent shit makes me think he’s into some weird shit in his personal life, not that I actually believe that he is into some weird shit. I can’t think of any “good” connotations for serpent symbolism, at least as far as “God’s Country” is concerned. To each his own, though. He seems like a good person, it’s just that all the serpent stuff makes you wonder.

    And then there’s his fascination with bloodshed… OK, I give up. I do not grok Jorge Lorenzo, at all. He puts on a good show, however.

  • L2C

    “He puts on an amusing show…”

  • Prich

    It’s always overdone though, isn’t it? Full respect to lorenzo as a racer, but he’s shit at marketing. Last race he was doing some silly Snake bike move at the end of the race, and now he has his hemet painted with “Green Mamba” on the back. Can you just keep giving yourself nicknames like that? It’s kind of lame. What would I call myself?

  • Prich

    and forgot to mention, great photos Scott. Superb.

  • “It’s kind of lame. What would I call myself?”

    People are awesome in their inability to grasp the utterly obvious. He’s not calling himself Green Mamba, he’s ALIGNING or IDENTIFYING with what that particular snake represents. Honestly, it’s unbelievable that somebody would have to explain that. Wow.

    “I’m not sure about that Karel Abraham dude.”

    Helluva nice guy who crashes far too often for his own good. It’s a good thing that he got his masters degree sorted last year; I have a hard time believing that he’ll manage to stay well and/or competitive enough to stay in the class for long. That said, when he doesn’t bin the bike, he’s reasonably fast. (Fast enough to qualify each and every time, so there’s that.)

  • L2C

    If it were just the Mamba, then there wouldn’t even be a discussion about it. But it’s not just the Mamba. He identifies with constrictors as well. Serpents in general. And a whole bunch of other shit, none of it forming a coherent picture. And this comes across as weird, to me.

    But whatever, dude. Simplify it your way.

  • ” He identifies with constrictors as well. Serpents in general. And a whole bunch of other shit, none of it forming a coherent picture.”

    The coherent picture is that he ATTACKS his competition, STRIKING when the opportunity arises. He POISON’s his competition’s chances of success by SUFFOCATING their strategies wherever possible. Simple, eh? Snakes as a sports metaphor. Who knew? ;-)

  • L2C

    I said that already. In fact, I was the first to point that out in a post here. But you’re not taking into consideration all of the other obvious shit that bears no relation to the serpent shit.

  • Well, being that I’m unaware of any other stuff, it’s tough to take it into consideration. :) What’s he into? Haitian voodoo?

  • jimmy smith jr

    @ Trane Francks

    There outta be some safe christian road racing site that you can follow…maybe they could photoshop out anything blasphemous from the riders helmets/suits/actions….hell they could probably sensor anything interesting…i mean blasphemous….out of the news for you too??

  • jimmy smith jr

    sorry that was supposed to be @ L2C….but maybe you might want to check out the christian road race site too Trane….gotta be some good laughs there?? :)

  • “sorry that was supposed to be @ L2C”

    Ah, okay. I was already ramping up the “What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks are you talking about?” ;)