It didn’t take long after Valentino Rossi’s highside for the speculation to begin as to whom will replace the Italian rider at Fiat-Yamaha, but as MotoMatters is reporting, the MotoGP team is in no rush to replace Rossi on their roster. For the next two races, Fiat-Yamaha will campaign only one bike on the MotoGP grid, leaving Rossi’s bike untouched as a sign of respect to the Champion rider.

With Rossi possibly out for six races, Fiat-Yamaha will have to replace the Italian rider at some point in the interim according to MotoGP regulations. This leaves a bevy of possibilities for Rossi’s replacement, our personal favorite being the now jobless Garry McCoy.

The more likely scenario according to the well connected David Emmett at MotoMatters is that a Yamaha factory test rider will ride the bike, in an effort to help develop the YZR-M1 further and help Jorge Lorenzo secure the 2010 MotoGP Championship.

Hold on race fans, silly season just got a whole new meaning. Who do you think should take Rossi’s spot on Fiat-Yamaha?

Source: MotoMatters

  • Mike J

    How about replacing him immediately as a sign of respect to all those paying to see the next two races? Not only do they now not get to see Rossi, but they also get a depleted grid of bikes as part of the bargain… How respectful!

  • MTGR

    I suspect “Respect for Rossi” is actually Yamaha Code for “we need time to look at all the contracts of potential replacements so we don’t accidentally piss off someone that we want to keep around” such as Lorenzo, Edwards, or Spies.

  • emd

    going to be some japanese rider. Yamaha and Honda always jump at the chance to give one of their own a opportunity to inevitably crash and burn.

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  • steveo

    Put a newb on it. Jason Disalvo “now unemployed”, Mat Mladin. Neil Hodgson (if he’s healthy) Tell them to lay down a few laps just dont wreck it. Maybe Josh Herrin or josh hayes, at Laguna??? to boost american morale

  • Bill Smith

    Move Ben S. to the factory team and call Matt M. to ride with Colin on the Monster team. Yes I know this causes a multitude of complications but wouldn’t you love to see Ben racing VR’s M1??? and wouldn’t it be nice to see Ben and Matt playing on the track together again???

  • Dmoney

    Golden opportunity for Spies to step up to the factory bike and battle it out with Lorenzo for the rest of the season…

  • s murray

    i agree that ben spies should be brought forward to the fiats. i thinkk hes got the talent to put pedrossa and lorenzo in real trouble.

  • willem

    it would be funny if sete fills in the empty m1 fiat yamaha.