Garry McCoy Confirmed with FB Corse

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This weekend Garry McCoy signed a two-year deal with FB Corse that sees the Australian rider making a return to premiere GP racing. The move comes just days after McCoy was dropped by one of Triumph’s Factory WSS team, BE1 Racing, and FB Corse got the official “peace out” from John Hopkins. With McCoy likely to find only teams in Moto2 looking for riders, the timing for both parties couldn’t have been better. Details after the jump.

According to MCN, McCoy will ride and help develop the 34100 for two years, with the first year primarily focusing on getting the bike and team up to race pace. FB Corse hopes to then be competitive in 2011, but will have re-evaluate itself in 2012 when MotoGP is expected to go into a four-cylinder format only. FB Corse’s 34100 is based of a three-cylinder design that was originally built for BMW by Oral Engineering.

FB Corse is expected to make three wild card apperances in the 2010 season, but the team remains hopeful that they can put together a whole season.

Source: MCN & MotoMatters