If you wanted further proof that Honda is getting ready to debut a 500cc CBR, look no further than the fact that the 2013 European Junior Cup has been tipped to switch from the KTM 690 Duke to the Honda CBR500 when the middleweight sport bike debuts next month at EICMA.

A cheap way to get young racers honing their skills on the track, the European Junior Cup is an ideal venue for the Honda CBR500, which is expected to differentiate itself from the CBR600RR by being a less-sporty entry-level machine for newer riders.

Until now, the Honda CBR500 has also been rumored since its leak in Southeast Asia last month. While we wait for full details on the machine, it is expected that the 2013 Honda CBR500 will be a bike with 500cc parallel twin motor, essentially a Honda CBR250R engine with an extra cylinder. It also makes logical sense that the Honda CBR500 would be the next progression in machine for a rider currently on a CBR250R.

It is not clear whether the Honda CBR500 will come to North America for 2013, though if Honda’s succession plan holds true, it could be a future model at some point. One thing is clear though, the bike will come to Europe for 2013, as it is now known that it powers the EJC.

Source: Honda Europe

  • MikeD

    Smells like a MONEY AND EGO infected change of heart. (^_^)

    What happened ? Who threw the first stone ?

  • JoeD

    Why is it that Honda, maker of the most bland and un-inspiring vehicles, gets top billing in every arena they poke into? Superior product? No. Peceived superiority, probably. Moneygrease to smooth things out? Hey, sounds like that other 800lb gorilla HD.

  • Damo


    I love high powered singles and think the new 690 Duke is rad, but it is a bit pricey for what you get and is a bit more maintenance intensive than anything in Honda’s line up.

    You know the Honda is going to be cheap and borderline bullet proof.

    It is odd to me that the only really interesting bikes Honda has been cranking out since the death of the Super Hawk/Firestorm, RC51/RVT1000 and the Blackbird/CB1100x are their economy sport bikes. Maybe they are starting from scratch with their sport line and building it back up.

  • Damo


    It depends what you mean by superior product. The 690 is/will be a much faster machine than the CBR500 (bet the Duke is lighter too).

    No doubt Honda makes the some of the most reliable bikes on the market, but I agree their line up has been extremely boring lately to say the least. (Same for their cars, for that matter.)

  • tat2gaz

    I’d much rather they lob two cylinders off the CBR 1000 than double up on the CBR 250. THAT might be a small displacement bike worth riding!

  • Gritboy

    People love to hate, but Honda has a great reputation for making reliable bikes and is very involved (most years) with their factory and satellite teams. I’m not a huge Honda fan (I agree they can be so refined as to be boring), but if I were a racer I think I’d love ’em. Either way, I’m eager to seen true middleweights duke it out (no pun intended… well maybe just a bit). ;)

  • Damo


    You know the CBR250R engine is essentially a cylinder taken right out of the CBR1000RR, right?

  • MikeD

    Damo said:
    Maybe they are starting from scratch with their sport line and building it back up.

    Yup, as certain as the Sun running out of fuel tomorrow and not rising. Bummer.

  • RD350

    I really wish Honda (or one of the Japanese) would put a middleweight twin in a light-weight, motard-ish style motorcycle with decent suspension and brakes. Like a Ducati Hyper-Motard for the working class ..

    So far, none of the Japanese have gone there ..

  • singletrack

    Well Duhh….
    Again, Honda, what took you so long to build a sporty middle weight bike??