Yamaha’s factory-supported World Superbike team, Sterilgarda Yamaha, tipped part of it’s rider line-up last week when it announced that Marco Melandri would be making the move from MotoGP to WSBK. Now the Yamaha squad has released the name of its second rider, and we’ll give you a hint: it’s not James Toseland. Instead for the 2011 season, Sterilgarda Yamaha will be tapping into the young Irish rider Eugene Laverty, who is currently looking for a World Supersport Championship with the Parkalgar Honda squad.

With Toseland getting the obvious boot, the story around Laverty’s promotion takes an obvious turn. With no credible rumors being circulated about where the British rider will land (we sort of like the BMW squad gossip ourselves), Toseland’s future seems a bit uncertain. Currently sitting seventh in the World Superbike Championship points, with about half as many points as leader Max Biaggi, Toseland hasn’t been the dominate force in WSBK that he once was, and you could even call hist performance lackluster.

All this makes for an easy reason why Yamaha decided to pass on renewing Toseland’s contract with the factory. Now with certainly no future in MotoGP, Toseland will have to find a new ride in WSBK. Some reports have linked him to a return with Ten Kate Honda, but the Dutch squad has retained Johnny Rea for next season, and rumors suggest the team might be in financial trouble. This doesn’t leave a lot of options for JT, more news as we get it.

Source: Yamaha Racing; Photos: EugeneLaverty.com

  • Steveo

    JT has lost the edge he’ll need something to get it back.

    Now I’d like to start a rumor that puts corser and Coin edwards on the BMW for next season really get the things moving. Not sure how the Bmw would suit colin though.

    Maybe VR and Colin on Ducatis as wild card “non factory” factory rides? I mean Rossi said he’d like to moonlight a few races.

  • Jake

    JT never had “the edge” and he was never dominate. granted a champ is a champ and I’m cool with that, but all the hype the Brits put on him didn’t warrent it because his results never backed it up. First title won because Laconi was win or bin and in probably Haga’s more consistant year, Haga was on a team that couldn’t keep the bike running. Regardless both out rode JT the whole year. JT’s second title was pretty much the same thing in that instead of going out and taking a title he more or least depended on other people’s misfortune. Again a title is a title but at least be real about how you hype it

    JT has always been mentally weak, also. crying about his team is against him. cracking under the pressure of leading a series down the line, so I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t go good in MotoGP and didn’t think he’d do much on his return to SBK.

    Don’t get me wrong I use to be a huge JT fan especially in his GSE days, but all the media hype by the brits and his pouting just soured him to me. He has not shown that he can win if he isn’t on the best bike because mentally he is weak. That isn’t me hating on him, it’s just stating the facts as his resume has shown.

  • Max

    Why don’t you talk about 2010 Bol d’or? It’s an important race! If you need photos,I was there with a full access pass. ;)

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  • Will

    Bol d’ Or, oh hell yes!, let’s have it. And any of the other “missing” major motorcycle events as well. 24 Hours of LeMan, Suzuka etc. etc.

    Toseland goes to BSB

  • jamesy

    Hey, this is about Laverty! Although I agree with the take on “king” James (as the Brit press was fond of saying) to me he was just a rockstar, better than me by a bunch but not equal to the best or the hype.
    Now, how do we think Eugene will fair on the Yamaha? I personally think the Honda will be the better developed bike in ’11 and Eugene will have more than he can handle with Johnny Rea. Mind you I’m talking PACKAGE here not their relative ability, not yet anyway. Cant wait!