We first reported on Elena Myers when she won the AMA Pro Racing Supersport race back at Infineon earlier in the season, becoming the first woman (or second) to win a professional US motorcycle race. Now the 16-year-old wonder is making waves again, after visiting the Rizla Suzuki pit box during the Red Bull US GP at Laguna Seca. Meeting the Rizla Suzuki team, Myers has been offered a chance to ride the Suzuki GSV-R during the testing session held after the MotoGP round at Valencia, Spain.

Rizla Suzuki Team Manager Paul Denning was clear in his offer that this would just be an opportunity for Myers to do a few laps on the Suzuki GP bike, and see what it’s like (with Rizla Suzuki getting some much needed good press of course). Denning has insisted that the ride wouldn’t be a test, meaning that the team isn’t considering Myers for MotoGP…yet.

Even still, Myers has her eye on the prize, and is fired up for this once in a lifetime opportunity. “It was all pretty overwhelming, but that’s where I want to be some day,” said Myers. “And this just makes me want it even more now. I’m going to be motivated no matter what, but seeing what this is all like makes me want it even more.” After watching the 16-year-old at Infineon, we can certainly say she has the stuff to race with the boys, and beat them at their own game.

Source: Elena Myers Project

  • emd

    wow, its like danica patrick but good

  • emd..good one.
    Good luck Elena!

  • Jake

    not even this is simply a massive marketing stunt (one that is working) for Suzuki MotoGP. The comment about her results as the basis for the guess ridetest is BS as there are other Suzuki riders in the AMA (all classes) that have had better results/season then she has. If she were a guy this wouldn’t be happening. This isn’t a knock on her either. To me stuff like this sets women back more then it helps because it sets a different standard for them to met then the standard to that of the men that want to compete against equally.

    I really would have liked to have seen her turn this down just for that reason alone. But I know it would never happen. the marketing people behind her have been pushing this from day one. Regardless of how competitive she may or may not actually end up being against the top guys in the top class, she will be the Danica Patrick of bike racing. Great for her and others bank accounts. Bad for racing

  • Odie

    Go get ’em Elena!

  • Steveo

    I agree that if she wasn’t a woman she wouldn’t be able to do this…… But isn’t racin g a sport that is funded by marketing> Isn’t Elena an exceptional racer 16, female making several top 10 finishes all season?

    I do disagree that this is bad for racing, how can publicity hurt? especially in a move that would most likely boost some american interest? America has a very low interest sadly and this will only help.

    Lastly if you were a motorcycle racing 16 year old, wouldn’t you happily jump on board a free ride on a GP bike, heck if they offered me a free ride on a Guzzi bike, a HD race bike, any race bike regardless or how poor the reecent results I would do it. Imagine out of shape, 27 yr old offered ride on a race bike that would make headlines…

    Go fast Elena, just don’t foget Jon and the guys at RRW good luck

  • There are plenty of Jobbers that are or have raced in GP because of publicity reasons or because they can bring money into a team. I am happy for her to take a couple of laps as both Ms. Meyers and Rizla Suzuki could use all the positive press they can get. Good luck to her. As for Rizla Suzuki, perhaps if Kevin Schwantz comes aboard as rumored that lame ass program can finally get off the ground.

  • Jake

    No doubt marketing is needed, but if it comes at the expense of the quality of racing then what is the point? This whole thing about needing an American for american interest is BS and it’s why I hate the localized coverage of SBK & MotoGP races. I am american but I would rather watch 4 foriegn aliens battle for victory then get constant coverage of americans not making the top 10. When you put hype before the product to gain an audience you get a fickle base that will drop you once the next fad comes in. This was proven by the report audience drop when Rossi missed those races. Those people aren’t race fans they are rossi fans and if goes to Rally or F1 or whatever they will follow Rossi. short term gain maybe, but long term not good for the sport. Danica Patrick for supposedly all the good she does for Indy is only good for Indy if she is stays there. Any fans she brings will leave with her. But how is she good for the sport when you see all her marketing and hype, but never see her at the front of a race?

    Again this isn’t a slight against Elena, no doubt she has talent, but don’t forget she has had more opportunites and breaks then most 16 year old. There is a huge difference between top 10s and dominating. but again if this were about results, there are other young suzuki riders who have “earned” a test/guess ride or whatever it’s being called more then her. but for them to give her this chance, based off results of a support class meant for rookies…….you can’t justify it other then a marketing gimmick.

    To answer question, my point isn’t whether it’s a great chance to ride a cool bike (and yes I’d ride it if it were offered to me), my problem is with the hype surrounding it and Suzuki’s reason for doing it. Yeah it’s great for Suzuki because otherwise no body would be talking about their MotoGP project. I guess that old saying “any press is good press” applies here, but this isn’t something I’d want to be apart of. As an athlete I’d want any success or notoriety I received to be based of my achievements in my ports, not the combination of my parents genes

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  • ohio

    Jake, does Suzuki have another 16-yo, male or female, with her speed and potential? Nope. Make this about gender if you want to, but she is a phenomenally talented rider who is tremendously well-spoken, likeable and mature for her age.

  • jake

    Ohio, does Suzuki have other talented riders period? Are there other other young talented riders competing out there in the higher classes period? You guys seem to want to make like I’m attacking her or her potential which I’m not. But the bottom line is if she were male no one would be talking about her for getting top 10 finishes and asking her to ride a MotoGP bike. Just like if Danica Patrick weren’t female no one would be talking about her like they do.

    A perfect example is Josh Herrin. There was hype on the kid people knew about him and then the moment he turned 16 Yamaha put him on a graves bike. Over the past couple of years the kid has gone from strength to strength, yet no one mentions him as a future SBK or MotoGP rider. Why is that? Why not some of the Suzuki riders he is competing with in Supersport? Or some of the other young riders on the world scene.

    Take it how ever you want, I’m not going to keep going on because you guys seem to see what you want to see, but the bottom line is if she weren’t female no one would care about her unless she was always winning, because there are lots of young guys out there with potential. It’s great her being female is opening doors for her to show what she can or can’t do. But you can’t deny those doors have opened because she is female

  • soopersic

    They let a buncha jack ass journalist test the bike, why not her? yer a hypocrite jake, you list all these reason she should turn it down and claim its not something you would want to be a part of but in the same paragraph say “yes i would ride it if it was offed to me.” those breaks and opportunity you state came from hard work and talent. She created them.
    also she didn’t get where she is because of her sexuality like danika did. that is the only reason we know her name not that she can drive a car. besides trashcar/indy fans are a completely different type of fan.
    What are yer thoughts on gaybor and karel riding gp bikes? they run around mid pack also, albeit a different series.

  • irksome

    At 16 I was still trying to figure out how to rub one off. Seriously though, did someone really suggest she should decline because it would set women racers back? Would YOU turn down a chance to turn some hot laps on a MotoGP bike? And would you be spouting off if it was any other rider? Bullsh!t.

  • Jake Fox

    The other Jake says, “If she were a guy this wouldn’t be happening.” I guess he must have missed the thread just a little bit further down the page about Karel Abraham who is not only testing a GP bike but apparently has a ride with Ducati next year because of who his Daddy is. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a sport without examples of special treatment and nepotism opening doors for certain individuals of questionable worthiness. I don’t mean to suggest that Elena Myers is or is not worthy of the opportunity she’s been given. I only mean to point out that Jake’s argument of sexism is pure rubbish.


  • Peter

    It’s not rubbish. As you say yourself, “you’d be hard pressed to find a sport without examples of special treatment and nepotism opening doors for certain individuals of questionable worthiness.”

    Jake is only saying that this is another example of ‘special treatment’.