AMA Pro Supersport racer Elena Myers will have a chance to flog one of the Rizla Suzuki GSV-R bikes at the Indianapolis GP this year. Getting an opportunity to acquaint herself with the MotoGP machinery, Myers will do a few laps at 12:45 PM on Thursday before the Indy GP, in a PR event put together by American Suzuki. After a similar publicity event fell-through last year, the ride will be Myers’s first on a GP bike, and hopefully a glimpse into the future, as the young California native has made it clear that the premier class is where she wants to take her career.

“Words cannot describe how excited I am to ride the Suzuki GSV-R at Indy during the MotoGP weekend this year,” said Myers. “We had talked about it last year, but things didn’t work out, so here’s a big thanks to everyone involved for making this possible. When I sat on the bike last year, it felt like it was made to fit me. So actually being able to spin a few laps on it will be quite the treat. I’m really looking forward to the weekend.”

For the Rizla Suzuki team, the event means a little bit more press for its MotoGP effort, which has been gaining steam all season long. Suzuki’s plans for MotoGP next season are still a bit dubious, with Paul Denning and his squad likely to continue running their 800cc machine, despite the rest of the grid’s move to 1,000-ish bikes.

“We are delighted to be able to give Elena this opportunity to get some understanding of how Suzuki’s MotoGP bike feels and operates,” said Paul Denning. “She is a very talented racer – not ‘for a girl’ – she’s just fast full-stop! MotoGP is the pinnacle of every racer’s ambition, and there aren’t so many people who have ridden the very latest 2011 GSV-R – Bautista, Hopkins, Aoki and now Elena! I would guess she’s also the only female racer to have ever ridden an 800cc MotoGP machine? Either way, we really hope she enjoys the experience.”

Source: American Suzuki; Photo Rizla Suzuki

  • Isaac Chavira

    Please be 18, please be 18, please be 18,………………….

  • Chris

    The day a girl is competitive on a MotoGP bike will just prove that they have become to easy to ride, although maybe that day is already here she could probably kick Pedrosa’s ass.

  • Way to keep it classy guys.

  • Kevin

    @Chris – Wow. That’s one of the more baseless comments I’ve ever heard.

  • Alex

    @Chris – that’s the most stupid comment I’ve heard. It’s not all girls fault they can ride better than you.

  • Wedge

    @Chris – wow, you are an absolute idiot. Go crawl back into the 1950s hole you came out of.

  • berzerker

    “glimpse into the future”???? oh stop…. to imply she has the talent to ride in MotoGP
    is foolish…. let us see how well she fares when she’s leaves the Kiddie Class and the dose of racing reality that awaits in Daytona Sportbikes…. just ask Zalusky about her Superbike results…

  • Shaitan

    Kick ass Elena!!! Will love to see you race for Rizla!!!

  • Shaitan

    @ Chris – go blow yourself. A great rider has nothing to do with sex or race!

  • Dr. Gellar

    My 3-year old daughter is wearing her Elena Myers T-shirt right now. I hope that one day she will look to someone like Elena as one of her heroes…

  • Making NorCal proud. I challenge you to find another 17yo on the planet with her talent as a racer and poise as a person. Looking forward to watching her continued rise through the ranks.

  • Patrick G

    It is to be hoped that she WON’T be riding the GSV-R shown in the picture.

    Its got no front brakes!

  • Chris

    Ha Ha I stick to what I said I’m sure she is way faster than me. But there is no girl now or ever that could hold on to an NSR 500 or an RGV 500 the way the boys used to.

  • Dr. Gellar


    Hate you tell you this…but there weren’t too many boys that could honestly hold on to those 500cc GP bikes either. And seeing how those bikes are now extinct, of course no girl in the future will ever get the chance to prove you wrong…

  • Chris

    Thats the point Moto GP is not nearly as physical as it once was a girl would have had as much chance as beating Kenny Roberts as playing in the NFL.(on a bike of that era)There are great woman athletes but thats why there is woman & men’s sports in a true physical competion the top woman can’t compete with men. Sorry its a fact.

  • Spamtasticus


    A motorcycle blog is not the place to vent your pent up frustrations over all the women who have rejected you or kicked your ass on the track (that is if you even race).

  • 76

    So Chirs, your saying basically saying no woman can physically match the strength of muscleman Dani Pedrosa? Because last time I checked he could hold on to the bike, even turn it.

    Some other sports, sure, there is a physical makeup that a male will for the most part always dominate, Hockey, Football, Basketball, etc etc. but I must ask, where on the grid are you seeing this male physical trait being such the advantage? The last time I checked the average GP rider is not a linebacker or 6foot8

    Take a second and think, maybe its who actually starts riding at 4, have parents dedicated to their kid racing for the next 10 years, all while footing the bill in a sport a hell of alot more expensive than the ones mentioned above.

  • johnrdupree

    Chris, maybe you’d like to discuss your theory of how well women compete with men with the likes of Danica Patrick, Sarah Fisher, Ashley Force, or Angelle Sampey. I’m sure they have more insight into this area than you do.

  • Kurt

    To all readers. Maybe it would benefit us all to do as my father used to say… “Engage brain before opening mouth”. Or, in this case, typing on keyboard.

    In todays society where it is proven that women are as good at, or better than males at so-called “male dominated” professions, we should all be proud of that fact. Most woman sharpshooters are as good as their male counterparts. Most women gymnastics are as good, or better. Most woman dancers are as good, or better. Hmmm… sounds like so many sports that require physical prowess and absolute strength and determination are being handled by women as well as their male counterparts. Speaking of prowess… How big do you think Valentino is? One of the FEW racers I can think of who’s even REMOTELY physical looking is Ben Spies. He seems to be the exception, rather than the rule.

    Besides… Arent we all in this for the same reason? To enjoy the sport? Do you get off on discouraging young children at a youth baseball game? Or, do you encourage them all because of the passion and effort they put into the game? It’s the same with racing… I might not root for the same racer as you, but at least I have the decency as an adult to acknowledge the fact that other racers are talented as well. Do I want to see Valentino win the next race? Heck no… but, do I sit around and bash on him based on some archaic notion of preconception that because he’s “XYZ” he cant race worth s**t? Again… no. As an adult, if you cant offer any positive words or encouragement towards the new and up-and-coming talent, have the decency to keep your mouth shut. If Elena Myers ends up NOT having the talent to hack it in the big leagues… trust me, she’ll be quickly weeded out. Pro race teams dont pick operators based solely on PR and marketing. There’s got to be an agreement from a consortium of officials that she is worth the risk as much as, or more than anybody else.

    If you take nothing else from my words, think about this. Would you say the same things or make the same comments if your mother and father were involved in the conversation with you?

    Nuff Said.

  • SBPilot

    I think this is great to see a girl rise through the ranks in motorbike racing. I personally don’t think she can handle a GP bike right now, or even a Superbike, but the whole event is a PR thing, it’s not a test sesssion for her and I’m positive the Suzuki guys will have the map on that bike well below what Bautista rides it at. Again, everyone has to remember it’s a PR event, and she’s a very lucky girl to be able to turn a few laps on that bike. It’s good for the sport, and even better for all the girls in the world/country that want someone to look up to in motorbike racing. For that Kudos to Paul Denning and Rizla Suzuki for setting this up.

    I hope the press doesn’t try to dissect her lap times during her few laps and start speculating if she’s good enough. She’s only 17(?), no one rides MotoGp bikes at 17.

  • berzerker

    better yet… throw her on a Moto2 ride for Indy…. now that will be a reality check….

  • 998

    Stoner needs an umberlla girl for Japan

  • Billy B.Tso

    wow, I’m embarrassed to be on the same website as some of the negative/sexist posters…no place for that in this century!!…I think what this young lady has achieved so far is brilliant, and should be given every chance as the “strong boys” to progress in the sport! We should be happy to see geat young talented “people” of any sex or colour rising up…you never know in the future there could be a female motogp star contending for the title! and i hope this happens. “Dr.Gellar” your first post…man that got to me! i hear you brother! Good on you Elena, I’m backing you!

  • Pacasp

    Wow. The politically correct crowd is really blowing hard now. A girl is not as fast as a guy on a GP motorcycle, history proves that. I’ve just read more ignorant, blinders-on comments from the crowd defending Elena than Chris.
    Dannica Patrick? Are you kidding? I can’t think of ANYone who’s gotten more press for finishing top 10 than her- BEACUSE SHES A WOMAN, and no other reason.
    Women haven’t been “kept out” of GP racing because of sexism, they’re not good enough to do it-plain and simple. Check the records. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to prove themselves in 250s and 125s.
    I would encourage all you politically correct types to open your minds and not be so myopic and knee-jerk in your attacks on Chris. The truth hurts. It’s not his fault girls aren’t good enough to race GP bikes.

  • Richard Gozinya

    She’s 17 years old, and people are passing judgement on her riding abilities already. She’ll likely get more attention than other, male riders. But time will tell if she’s worthy of that or not. She certainly has the competitive drive, we’ll have to wait and see if she has the skills to back it up. She’s already outperformed the overwhelming majority of male racers out there, and could no doubt outride anybody posting here. And she’s managed to do that by the age of 17. I’d say the odds are pretty good she’ll make it to MotoGP, might even do well there.

    She’s an up and coming talent, I just hope she can deal with all the added pressure her gender places on her.

  • Dr. Gellar


    The ignorance you mention is all yours….and Chris’ too. Just because a female racer has yet to be truly successful in MotoGP or even the lower classes of motorcycle road-racing, doesn’t mean that that will always be the case in the future. The odds may be heavily against them, but the future isn’t set in stone. As you said yourself, open your mind…

  • I wonder how many female MotoGP champions there are that we’ll never hear about because little girls are supposed to play with dolls, not race pocket bikes. Though there’s more than a few more pages still left to write in the story of Elena’s career, perhaps her biggest achievement win, lose, or draw will be changing that perception.

  • Isaac Chavira

    Hey those of you who think she can’t, think again! This girl would take any one of us to school.

  • CJ

    Stalin Said:

    “In all of Soviet Russia Chris still faggot.”