This is What Electric Mini Moto Racing Looks Like

05/12/2011 @ 6:59 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Unless you were there, you probably missed the AMA Mini Moto SX racing action last Friday in Las Vegas, which saw the debut of two bikes by Brammo, an electric mini moto the Brammo Encite, along with the full-sized Brammo Engage dirt bike. Featuring the company’s Integrated Electric Transmission (IET), Brammo took to the dirt to compete with some Zero electric bikes (Quantya seemingly abstained from the event), as well as a field of traditional gasoline-powered mini motos.

With footage from aboard Trevor Doniak’s Zero MX, we get to see what racing in the Vegas Mini Moto SX was like from behind the handlebars. Besides having a traffic jam of slower gas-powered bikes start ahead of them (it’s creepy how quiet the start for the electrics was in comparison), the old addage that “rubbin’ is racing” comes to mind as we see our protagonist hit the dirt, not once, not twice, but three times, seemingly always with a Brammo rider nearby.

We’re not saying that Doniak’s Zero was intentionally looking to take out the Brammo of Kris Keefer, thus assuring a podium sweep by Zero, but others are. Video after the jump.

Source: Zero Motorcycles

  • seth

    looked great til turn 2! : )

  • emotofreak

    “We’re not saying that Doniak’s Zero was intentionally looking to take out the Brammo of Kris Keefer, thus assuring a podium sweep by Zero, but others are.”

    Who’s saying this? Are they blind? Did they not see Chris t-bone Trevor hard in the very 1st corner? Trevor may have returned the favor, but that’s racing. Then there was the very blatant blocking by Chris, actually waving Trevor by then blocking him, when he’s a lap down no less.

    Rubbin’s racing, get used to it.

  • Doniak was viably having trouble with the Zero bike. Not sure if he needed to get used to it or what.

    But yeah, Kris seems to have taken himself out.

    Not sure if he gave up after that or what. Also not sure if he was playing with Doniak after that or actually mad.

    I am guessing (but who knows the truth) Kris felt like he lost the race in the first run and gave up. Not sure how serious the racers took the race. That would be a shame for Brammo because Jamie Lanza, the leader went over the bars a minute into the race. Again, I am speculating here about how it all went down so who knows.

  • BikePilot

    Looked like pretty standard racing to me. The ebikes seem to have plenty of thrust. Riders definitely struggled with them in turns. Also an odd delay between sliding the rear end around and getting back on the power. Maybe the ebikes lack “throttle” response or the riders just haven’t adapted to their peculiarities yet. Also looked like the front ends were a bit squirmy under brake – heavier than a supermini?

  • Whoa, hold the phone, check 2:30 into the video. Hmmmm.

  • Some other interesting points in the vid:

    At 4:42 Doniak exchanges words with Keefer. Sounded like he was having fun.

    At 4:50 Doniak goes down after tagging the back wheel of a gasser. :D

    Maybe they were all just having fun but it was an interesting dynamic on the track for sure.

    We want an interview!