e-Power Coming to Laguna Seca During MotoGP

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UPDATE 2: The Laguna Seca round is now officially added to the e-Power Championship.

UPDATE: It would seem the folks at Laguna Seca are still negotiating with the FIM, and nothing has been signed yet. This statement does confirm however that Seca is the targeted venue for the e-Power Championship.

The FIM isn’t saying it outright, but it looks as if the e-Power Championship is slated to occur during MotoGP’s stop at Laguna Seca on July 25th. Listed as “TBA,” the FIM’s new venue is listed as being organized by the AMA, and of course the race falls on the same date as the US GP, so putting two and two together on this one isn’t too hard. This addition to the schedule comes after the FIM cancelled the e-Power Championship’s stop at the Doha endurance race, and the Dutch GP at Assen. More after the jump.

With the added venue being in the backyard of so many American electric motorcycle companies, and in front of a huge home crowd of American motorcycle enthusiasts, it’s hard to imagine there being a weak turnout of competitors from the good ol’ US of A. Add into the equation the added coverage MotoGP gets with the media, and the possibility of TV coverage and the only stop in America for the e-Power series is looking quite enticing. We’ll be there, will you?

Source: FIM via HFL; Photo: Boltron, Creative Commons Attribution