Are You the Ducati Desmosedici GP13?

01/14/2013 @ 2:48 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS


UPDATE: Nope, according to Italian TV’s Gudio Meda, it is a model built from leftover parts of the GP3 & GP7. For those picking out those design elements, good eye!

While the official launch of the Ducati Desmosedici GP13 is supposed to be tomorrow, the folks at GPinside have seemingly snagged this photo of the GP13 at the 2013 Wrooom event that Ducati co-hosts with Scuderia Ferrari. While the livery appears relative unchanged, there are several noticeable changes to the Desmosedici GP13, namely the skinnier tail section.

Our eyes also spot changes to the exhaust system, with a much shorter side-pipe, and what appears to be a larger undertail cannister. The fairings have also been refined from their previous shape, and give away a figure that’s longer than the GP12 (shown after the jump), with noticeably fewer side vents.

The GP13 is expected to continue development of the twin-spar aluminum frame in Ducati Corse’s GP program, though rumors have pegged that the fabrication duties have moved from FTR to another chassis manufacturer for the 2013 season.

The workspace for Nicky Hayden, Andrea Dovizioso, Ben Spies, and Andrea Iannone, the GP13 will be developed with the input of four riders who have a divergent range of riding styles amongst them.

Ducati’s main hope is that the GP13, and later the GP14, will be a race bike that will be more approachable to riders in MotoGP, and a convincing option to teams and riders who had previously only considered the work of Honda and Yamaha.

Check for the official pictures and specs tomorrow.


Source: GPinside

  • nace

    That is one sexy beast.

    The nose looks extended as it almost reaches out to the end of the front fender.

  • If that picture is the “REAL GP13” it looks like they got rid of all of the Rossi changes including the muffler on the side. This bike actually looks like a Ducati again, about time…

  • Biset

    I think that the main changes is: exhaust, rear seat is different, the aluminum frame (think that is aluminum ) and has a carbon layer superficially

  • Bryan

    Very Slick Front end

  • N69D4

    Wauhhh, sexy looking…
    I’m reallyyyy like the nose design, and the tail like a cobra.

    hope GP13, bring the 13 scarry to other factory :)

  • Halfie30

    Hopefully this thing can race as good as it looks. Who is the engineer/designer?

  • Ryan

    Looks like they went back to the top braced swingarm rather than the under slung. Finally the bike is back to a sexy shape like in 2007-2008.

  • jet057

    Awesome,the back end w/ it’s narrowness is perfect,less drag.The front end looks great,it actually looks like the front end of my ducati,a 2007 ST3 S-ABS.The seat is flat and looks old fashion but your able to move side to side on it very smooth.I love it man.Lets get this racing started……lol

  • hey BOYS unfortunately that is the old screamer type bike carbon frame bike Rossi and crew butchered …. guess we’ll have to wait till 2mrrow ! !

  • 4L4N

    Nice as it is this model is an old bike in new fairings that has been sitting out for a while to promote the 2013 wrooom event…

  • N69D4

    Yaihhh, so old bike with new cutting stiker :D?

  • A two years old baby could have notice also that the fork is the one from the street desmosedici, the calipers are also the old monobloc,the fairing is the one from the gp-5 , maybe the tail section is only part that has never been shown, however it looks very similar to the gp7/8 one.

  • I think I also notice the rear swing arm being the old style going upward vs. the newer Duc and other bikes having the swing are USD in a way… any one else notice this?

    Yeah, didn’t notice the front end, but was trying to find the frame since Nicky said that there were only a few changes… let’s just see what they come back with on here… :)

  • ZootCadillac

    It’s a GP8 in 2012 livery

  • Motonut

    It should be the GP13…THAT IS ONE GORGEOUS MOTORCYCLE!!!!!!!! Way better looking than the ugly snub nose fat tail bike Ducati has been using since 2009.

  • Motonut

    @ZootCadillac WRONG!!! It has the tail of a GP3.