About the only time the Ducati Desmosedici GP11 was competitive last year was during wet sessions and races. This trend lead to one of Valentino Rossi’s more humorous sayings of the season: that in order to win a race on the GP11, it would have to snow. Well Rossi and his teammate Nicky Hayden may have finally gotten the break they needed, as the Ducati Corse crew has outfitted the two-up Desmosedici with studded tires for the Wrooom media event taking place this week at Madonna di Campiglio ski resort.

Careful to avoid running afoul of the winter testing ban by using the two-up Desmo that’s normally reserved for Randy Mamola, Rossi and Hayden got to try out some of their cold-weather settings today, just in case inclement weather hits one of the eighteen races during the 2012 season.

Rossi is reportedly happy with the full-snow Bridgestones, but the nine-time World Champion was cautious about tires’ performance should conditions warm up mid-race. Hayden echoed Rossi’s sentiment, though was still upset about having to ride on the pillion after a brutal game of rock-paper-scissor.

Nicky, nothing beats rock.

Source: Ducati Corse & Valentino Rossi (Twitter)

  • Ades

    Wonder if Rossi was wearing one of those “If you can read this, the B*tch has fallen off!”….. Poor Nicky…

  • MikeD

    If he said that…..props to the guy, he can keep it humble yet cool.

    If he didn’t…A&R(Jensen) ur gonna burn in Motorciclist Hell…LMAO.

  • Oh Rossi made several quotes like that during the 2011 season.

  • I read an interview with Kevin Schwantz where he was talking to VR at the California GP, and Valentino gets him off to one side and starts telling him, ‘ Keveen, you’ra just abouta my sizah, why don’ta you ridah thissa theeng ina my leathers, and I’ll justa go to-a the beach’, and Schwantz really wasn’t exactly sure how serious he was !

    Here’s to hoping for a better 2012. IF he could go head-to-head with Lorenzo and Stoner, it would be just epic !

  • Nicky’s riding b*tch!! Lol!!!

  • 76

    Nothing says exclusive like a ice track spec GPZero

  • Lol love the link to the simpsons. Probably exactly how it went between Hayden and Rossi

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  • DP

    How about those Pirellis!! I wonder how Bridgestone feels about that…

  • Dr. Gellar

    I hate to say it, but Nicky riding bitch in general more or less describes his MotoGP career in a nutshell…

  • Shaitan

    At least Valentino can’t feel Nicky’s package when it’s that cold. :P

  • @ Dr. Gellar: That’s a bit harsh to say of a World Champion. He might not have 9 titles as does VR, but Nicky’s no slowpoke.

  • Westward

    I like Hayden, but to be honest. If Gibernau doesn’t cause that crash in Catalunya, Capirossi could have easily been the MotoGP champion of 2006.

    Also, if Rossi’s engine doesn’t fail him at LeMans or Laguna, regardless of Elias’s Portugal win, him knocking Rossi off at Jerez, or Rossi’s fall at Valencia. Rossi becomes champion instead of Hayden.

    Being knocked off, edge out of victory, crashes, and tire issues, are all part of racing that can be attributed to the pilot. But when your engine fails you at a race you are winning, and you have one corner left on the last lap… Losing a championship by 5 points, when you should have won by 20 or more, everyone knows 2006 Hayden did not win the championship, it’s more like Rossi lost the championship.

    Hayden was simply the beneficiary of the circumstances that evolved around Rossi and Capirossi…

  • Dr. Gellar

    Trane…Rossi’s 9 titles are irrelevant to my comment regarding Hayden and riding bitch. Nicky has pretty much played second fiddle to his various teammates thoroughout his MotoGP career. At Repsol Honda, it was Rossi and Pedrosa (and Barros and Biaggi to a lesser extent). And at Ducati, it was Stoner and now Rossi again. Nicky has never been the lead rider of a MotoGP team, even when he took the title in 2006.