Ducati is to test the latest version of their Desmosedici GP12 engine next week at Mugello. Ducati team manager Vitto Guareschi said that Franco Battaini is to start testing the bike, complete with the new engine, next week, in preparation for handing the machine over to Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi for a final test on the Monday after the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello. If that test is successful, then both factory Ducati riders will have the new engine available as part of their allocation from Laguna Seca, the race directly after Mugello.

Much rides on the new engine: Valentino Rossi has repeatedly expressed his hopes that the improvements the new engine should offer will allow him to make a big step towards closing the gap with the front-runners. That improvement should come from improved driveability, the main focus of development for Filippo Preziosi and the Ducati Corse department.

“The aim is to improve the first touch of the throttle,” Guareschi said, the area in which the Ducati has suffered the most. “Driveability is very important for the 1000’s, even more so than the 800’s,” Guareschi added. “The 1000’s have much more torque than the 800s, which makes it harder for the rider to use the power.”

Though Guareschi would not be drawn on the exact changes to the engine, it would not be radically different to the existing power plant, Guareschi said. Contrary to expectations, the layout of the engine would remain unchanged.

“The hardware looks the same,” Guareschi said. The reason for not radically revising the engine layout was because Ducati Corse was still gathering data, and the information from the new engine would give them more data to work with. “We want to understand what we need before making a big change,” Guareschi said.

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  • Leo

    “We want to understand what we need before making a big change,” Guareschi said…..

    Simple….a better rider!

  • shallwedance?


  • Ducati should give up on the Aluminum frame and bring back the Trellis frame with a smoother less peaky motor…. Make the bike less stiff and more ridable..

  • johnjenin

    Leo, the main problem its not the “rider”, but the bike itself….ducati should find the way to resolve front end problem’s.

  • Leo

    @dc4go I agree about the trellis frame…

    @johnjenin resolve the front end and it helps to have a rider WILLING to push..

  • Halfie 30

    @Leo. We all know how Hayden rides. They had a rider “pushing” the bike. The engineering crew need to respond to feed back instead of being convinced their design is flawless out of the gate.

  • Neil

    @ Leo

    The rider is not the problem, both Nicky and Vale ride the pants off that Desmo….remember Stoner was on a different version of that bike, (and he still had problems) managing the power to the ground (smoother) without eating the tires I would say is the biggest problem right now after watching Silverstone (with Nicky)….he had early pace but lost grip as the race went on, shame…

  • Leo

    @Neil and Halfie I agree to a point but a Factory Duc finishing behind a customer bike at any race is not Pushing. I hope the rumor mill pans out and Crutchlow takes the Duc seat.. Then (i think) we shall see the power of Rider over Bike.. Like Mind over Matter..

    If (and when) it works for Cal then the Goat will trully fade into history as he seems now to be relegated.

    No offense against Nicky but he’s a one time one hit wonder champion. He got lucky but he’s not and never was an Alien quality rider. That’s just the truth.

    Looking forward to Rossi vs Biaggi in WSBK… and Hayden vs Spies in AMA

  • Neil

    Rumors ??? lol

    And you didn’t factor Bayliss in there anywhere ???