Sunday marks the second day of the Dakar Rally, and the first real day of racing. Despite completing only two stages thus far of the 2013 Dakar Rally, the racing has gotten interesting, as race-win favorite Cyril Despres has lost eight minutes to the overall leader, Husqvarna’s Joan Barreda.

Fifth fastest overall thus far, Despres’s lost time was due to navigating around a massive dune, a move that caught several other riders out as well. With Monday’s Stage Three expected to be an even more difficult day, Despres said he was happy to start from behind, and let the other riders tackle the course ahead of him, where he could learn from their mistakes.

The Dakar Rally has been settled by less than the eight minute gap that Despres currently faces, though the Frenchman’s navigational error would have been more critical if rival and teammate Marc Coma was entered in the race this year, instead of sidelined with injury.

Dakar Rally Stage Two Results – Pisco to Pisco (Total distance 327 km: 85 km liaison and 242 km special)

1. Joan Barreda – Spain – Husqvarna – 2:42.31
2. Joan Pedrero – Spain – KTM – – 2:45.47
3. Mathew Fish – Australia Husqvarna – 2:48.24
4. Ruben Faria – Portugal – KTM – 2:48.57
5. Kurt Caselli – USA – KTM – 2:49.41
6. Darryl Curtis – South Africa – KTM – 2:50.20
7. David Casteu – France – Yamaha – 2:50.39
8. Jordi Villadoms – Spain – Husqvarna – 2:50.46
9. Israel Esquerre – Chile – Honda – – 2:50.50
10. Pal-Anders Ullevalseter – Norway – KTM – 2:52.13
11. Olivier Pain – France – Yamaha – 2:52.41
12. Cyril Despres – France – KTM – 2:52.41

Source: KTM; Photo: © 2012 Edmunds J. / KTM Images – All Rights Reserved

  • Damo

    Semi-on-topic: I really wish Husky, kTm and Honda would release Dakar style 450cc machines as adventure bikes. They look the business and would be great all around bikes for us living in cramp suburban areas.

  • ngads


    Been thinking the same thing forever! I would buy one in a second. It is truly a bike that can do everything.

    Not interested in the heavy adventure bikes they sell now.

    On another note, is anyone else pissed off that the only way to watch the highlights in the US is on NBC Sports at 2:30 am?

    How the hell am i supposed to watch this at all?

  • Gritboy

    @ ngads – yes, it’s stupid that the U.S. television market makes no attempt to promote rally racing, especially since we love off-road racing and there ARE U.S. racers involved.

  • BenFaster

    DVR…its the only way !

  • Yeah. DVR, TiVo and even VHS tape have been around for a long, long time. Heck, even EyeTV and a laptop can record stuff for time-shifted viewing later. Watching programs aired in the wee hours stopped being an issue for most of us back in the ’80s.