Dainese’s The TT Trilogy – Part 1: The Island

06/05/2013 @ 6:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS


It looks like Dainese, one of the main sponsors of the Isle of Man TT, is gearing up to do a series of short videos about the famous road race (you may have seen our coverage of the 2013 Isle of Man TT thus far). The first installment, simply titled “The Island”, captures perhaps the most important, yet most difficult element to describe: the allure of the Isle of Man TT.

A little rock in the middle of the Irish Sea, the views from the countryside and mountain tops are breathtaking, the Manx people are warm and hospitable, and the racing, well…the racing is unlike anything you have ever seen. That all seems to come through here, and we can’t wait to see the rest of what the Italian company has to offer from The Rock. Good stuff.

Source: Dainese

  • Paul McM

    Nice intro vid. Hope to make it to the TT this year. Trivia question: What’s the model of the bike ridden by the Italian chap (hint: look at the front end). I rode one of those years ago — it was a superb machine, better IMHO than many of the sport tourers of today.

  • Marc Davis Nguyen

    @Paul McM

    Yamaha GTS1000?