Conor Cummins in at Honda TT Legends

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With the news that Michael Dunlop failed to reach an agreement with Honda Europe, and likely would be sitting out the 2014 road racing season, Honda TT Legends has announced its signing of Conor Cummins in Dunlop’s stead. Accordingly, the well-regarded Manx rider will form a two-man team with Mr. Snaefell himself, John McGuinness.

Cummins and McGuinness will race for the Honda TT Legends team at the 2014 Isle of Man TT and North West 200 road racing events. Both McGuinness and Cummins will cover the Superbike and Senior races at the TT, while Cummins will race for the team in the Superstock class as well.

The 2014 Honda squad is again the team to beat this coming season, with McPint having 20 TT race wins to his name (six NW200 wins as well), while Cummins is looking for his elusive first victory at his home race.

The third fastest rider ever at the Isle of Man TT, and the fastest rider from a standing start on the Mountain Course (131.5 mph), Cummins has recovered from his horrific 2010 crash and is eager to put his name in the history books with a race win. Racing now on the Honda CBR1000RR SP, Cummins might finally have his chance.

“I am thrilled to bits to be with Honda in 2014. In my eyes this is the absolute pinnacle of road racing. Riding for a team like Honda has been something I’ve been aiming for my whole career so for me this is a huge deal,” said Conor Cummins.

“The team has so much experience and I just want to make the most of the opportunity I’ve been given. I’m really looking forward to racing the new Honda Fireblade and hopefully bringing home some good results.”

“We’re pleased to announce our 2014 line-up for the roads and very happy to welcome Conor Cummins to the team. He’s an Isle of Man lad whose father and uncle have raced on the island so the TT in is in his blood,” said Neil Tuxworth.

“He has a great work ethic and a determination to succeed and I have a lot of admiration for him. He’s back to full fighting fitness following his 2010 crash and as one of the fastest men ever around the mountain course, he definitely has the ability to win races.”

“The relationship between John and Honda is well-established and proven to bring results. He is by far the most successful current TT rider in terms of wins and podiums and he showed at this year’s event that he is still the quickest rider around the Isle of Man. We are of course very happy to have him with us again. With John and Conor on board, I believe we are in a very strong position for the 2014 road racing events.”

“I’m really glad to be staying with Honda to continue the strong relationship we’ve built up in road racing over the years. The team is like family to me and it’s important that I have support that I know I can rely on 100%. It’s great news that Conor will be joining the team,” added John McGuinness.

“I have a lot of respect for him – he’s young, he’s hungry for it and he has so much passion for racing. It will be a pleasure to be his teammate. This year proved that there’s life in the old dog yet, so I can’t wait to get back on the Fireblade and see what we can do.”

Source: Honda TT Legends

  • KSW

    I just so happen to be at the NEC MotorcycleLive show and was myself surprised when I saw Conor put on the Honda shirt behind the curtains of the Blackhorse Stage. For those of you reading whom are in the media I will tell you that John McGuinness has no insight into Michael Dunlops decision and asking the Moracrombie Missle about the topic will be fruitless. Conor, who himself is a resident Manx Man from Ramsery, Isle of Man, is very excited about the opportunity.

  • Gutterslob

    Tallest lad on what’s arguably the shortest bike. Not saying it’ll affect his performance, but it’ll definitely look pretty funky.

  • monkeyfumi

    Good news for Connor, let’s hope this leads to his first TT win.
    But shave that beard, you look Amish.

  • Gonzo

    I applaud the team spending money on go, and not show, but come on! You don’t need a stylist to tell you to get rid of the shoes, socks, and beard!!!

  • Tav

    Perhaps the deal is fresh news for Connor, who’s still wearing his “I heart Kawa” socks.

    If Michael sits out TT 2014, it’s a big chance for Connor and Guy. Go lads go!