It is fall, which means it is also land speed record season up at Bonneville. While our own plans for salt flat were thwarted by some empty promises from an OEM, it seems plenty of teams and manufacturers made it up to Bonneville to test their mettle against the stopwatch.

One such company was Confederate Motorcycles, which took its recently debuted Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat up to the BUB Speed Trials in August, and subsequently set a 171.211 mph land speed record in the A-PF 3000 class (special construction chassis (unfaired), push-rod motor, fuel, & up to 3,000cc in cylinder displacement).

Racing his own bike on the salt flats, we are having a hard time imagining how Confederate customer James Hoegh managed to hold onto his unfaired machine at 171+ mph — it must be all about the tuck. Check the video out after the jump, and if you are anything like us, keep on dreaming about your day racing at the Bonneville.

Source: Confederate

  • paulus

    “we are having a hard time imagining how Confederate customer James Hoegh managed to hold onto his unfaired machine at 171+ mph”

    considering that a female Texas (HOT) motorcyclist record holder achieved more than 205 mph on an unfaired Hayabusa…. I think he was OK.

  • I assume you’re referring to Ms. Porterfield? I don’t know how anyone holds onto a naked bike at 150+ mph for extended periods of time.

  • paulus

    Agreed… it is crazy. Respect to them all… each and every one of them :)

  • I’m struggling to understand how this is news? Back in 1999, my 1998 CBR900RR broke 172 mph after I added a slip on and reworked the carburetors. It did it regularly, and I didn’t need to go to Bonneville to accomplish it.

    So what, this is really just an advertisement for middle-aged wannabes, who spend way too much of their money that they don’t know what to do with, on a boutique motorcycle, that they hope will help them with their image with the ladies, and when it doesn’t, it sits in their suburban garage for the next 3 years before being sold to another middle-aged wannabe. The only plus side being that Confederate still honors the warranty.

  • FYI, real performance bikes come with fairings, because they are necessary, not only for efficient aerodynamics, but most importantly for the protection of the rider. Motorcycle companies that don’t offer fairings for their motorcycles are telling you that they are not really designed for REAL WORLD riding.

  • Though obviously the primary impetus, Bonneville is much than speed only. Clearly there are motorcycles that can travel faster than the Hellcat, but that’s not the whole point, is it. It’s how you get there, and why. Speaking singularly, motorcycling is about the entire experience, and Bonneville permits a bike and rider to explore and to live up to their full potential, and to appreciate motorcycling and life at large in one of its purest and most untouched forms. There are many reasons that I respect and enjoy the big v-twin (though many think it antiquated), and Confederate bikes in particular, and non-faired bikes overall. At 1:05 in this short clip, you will catch a glimpse of what I’m referring to, ….the ‘heartbeat’, the soul, and confident attitude of these well thought out and interactive machines. My nephew and good friends at Confederate filmed and produced this video, and Matt Chambers and team Confederate made it all possible. I hope that you enjoy it.

  • luckybot

    Wow, good job guys. I can go faster than this whenever I want with a totally stock production bike that has less than half the displacement and is 1/4 the cost.

  • Well then, you should be one very happy woman, luckybot.

  • EM

    “(special construction chassis (unfaired), push-rod motor, fuel, & up to 3,000cc in cylinder displacement).”

    Typical HD needing special classes, 3x the displacement, and custom chassis to do what everyone else does.