The start of the AMA Pro Road Racing calendar is just around the corner, and that means manufacturers, teams, and riders are getting their PR machines in full swing. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get excited about our venerable national racing series (DMG’s shenanigans aside), but duds like this don’t help in whetting our two-wheeled racing appetite here at Asphalt & Rubber.

Just when we were about to lose all hope though, Triumph shows up and saves the day…with a little help from Jason DiSalvo and Elena Myers. Kneedragging, wheelie popping, backwheel drifting two-wheeled fun, all packaged in a well-done YouTube video that even manages to show a little personality from the riders.

We dig it, we dig it hard. A quick warning though: several orange cones were hurt during the filming of this video. Some footage may not be suitable for adult-sized children with a history of brrraaappptitus. Thanks for the tip Matt!

Source: Triumph

  • Bill

    Triumph are a big part of good marketing for this. If you look at their work with Icon, Nick Brocha, Ernie Vigil and others, they are really getting it done well. I like it. I will be rooting for this team as well as Team EBR this year.

  • Paul McM

    Great video. Good script. Good pace. Outstanding camera work and editing. Wish we could get this kind of POV footage during a MotoGP race. Hats off to Triumph for making this video. As for Elena — she’s way cuter than Danica Patrick by my reckoning. I hope she rises to the top.

  • yung

    Yep…that was awesome

  • Westward

    Between the US, SPA, & ITA are there not enough women to have a series. It would be a great way to promote women in motorcycling. I would not mind seeing a competitive series showcasing what these women can do. Make it a Moto3 or Moto2 series.

  • Ah Westward, that’s the big debate. Do you integrate them in, or segregate them out? You won’t even find a consensus within the female racing community.

  • … made my day .xx

  • paulus

    Great video… definitely by the makers of the ICON ‘cars vs bikes’
    same style, format and even the titles/sound bites.
    Still cool though

  • Highside specialist

    @Jensen and Westward,
    For me, I believe that the best way to help elevate woman’s sport participation is to include them in non-contact sports, like motorcycle racing (mostly) is. I’ve been on track with Elena and it goes without saying that she was miles faster than everyone else on track.

    The issue is that when you make a “woman’s league”, you’re identifying them as women first, athletes second. If I was a woman, that would really aggravate me. Motorsport is the kind of universe where a girl can grid up next to the guys and the fastest driver/rider wins.

  • tony

    elena is, in equal parts, fast and adorable!

  • aergern

    @Highside specialist:

    Agreed. They should compete inline with the guys. There should not be a women’s league … these women can drag a knee with any man out there.

  • Norm G.

    triumph, please paint your bikes this year. thank you.