COTA Looking for Volunteer Race Marshals for MotoGP

12/17/2012 @ 9:43 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

The Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas is seeking some volunteer race marshals for its inaugural MotoGP event next April. One of three stops for the MotoGP Championship in the United States, the Texan track recently hosted a well-received Formula One race, and proves to be a spectacular venue for motorcycles, so here’s your chance to get in for free to see the bikes.

COTA isn’t being to specific on its job details for volunteer race marshals at the MotoGP event, though the track says it will release more information about the responsibilities at a later date. If you’re interested in volunteering for the three-day program, fill-out the preliminary volunteer application form. COTA says previous race marshal experience is preferred, but not required.

Source: Circuit of The Americas

  • Trident

    Although I’ve never worked as a marshal at a race, I would relish the chance to get involved with the Austin GP and help out in any way I could. A couple of the sections of the application are foreign to me however. Specialty Interest, Licensed By & License Level section….are these for licensed Marshals?

  • TexusTim

    no, there just asking if you have a competition license from some sanctioning body or race club.
    then they would like to see if you have any corner working experiance and at what tracks and so on.

  • Trident

    Gotcha, thanks for the info. Fingers crossed I get to do something like this

  • TexusTim

    Here is some free advice,
    The race is in april if it’s like the F1 race you wont know untill a month or two before the race if they will pick you.
    most clubs like the CMRA and WERA have there season start in febuary, plenty of time to join a club or just volunteer to work the corners for the event, this is how you can start to build your “worker resume” then resubmit !! you could have somthing to fill in those blanks..on a race weekend you can work three days. friday practise, saturday endurance, sunday sprints, it’s a start and the cota people seem to want to build a local group that will learn the new track and be a part of it..they especially want austin and texas people to be involved.
    at the F1 race there wasnt many of us from here at the track. they were mostly from the scca north east, but that group has no experance with bikes and it is a little different so cota is putting it together for now.
    This is how it went at the start of the f1 marshall request and then after they chose the group you will get emails from whoever they have running the marshall program it could be someone from a race organazation or totaly in house with a fulltime employee….the rumor for now is the later.
    Good luck I think the moto gp race here will be more fun the the f1 race as far as corner working goes.

  • Bob Krzeszkiewicz

    Amazing how as much money as the owners of the track can generate and they ask for volunteers for free work. But, I guess that’s how the rich get richer, but not spending money. Even the CMRA will pay corner workers…unless you’re trying to earn your license.

    Nevertheless, it would be fun provided you’re on one of the corners with the best view. The track is looooooong and covers a lot of ground.

  • TexusTim

    Hey Bob, I was going to metion that the CMRA will give a free lunch, show you the ropes and give you 60 bucks at the end of the day..but you know me I didnt want to stir anything up….? Turn 7 is a good corner, the entry is a slight left off camber going into a chicane uphill…it took the F1 guys a couple days to get the lines right in there….i looks like the entry would be slightly right to the chicane but after day two that all changed … it was a great corner to work in. the end of the back strait is also a great place….the whole series of turns after that is awsome to be up close to the track.
    one last thing the lunches are not much better…to bad I couldnt barbq in my corner like