Construction Resumes at Circuit of the Americas

12/08/2011 @ 9:55 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

Construction of the Circuit of the Americas outside of Austin, TX has resumed, after the track finally secured its contract with Formula One for a 2012 round. Work at the Circuit of the Americas had been suspended indefinitely after a contract between F1 and CotA was not signed by its appropriate deadline. However with Formula One Boss Bernie Ecclestone now getting his blood money, construction can once again resume in Texas.

Announcing that Formula One would race on a street course in New Jersey, along the shore of the Hudson, Eccelstone sent an all-too-clear message to the Texan venue that it was not the only option for F1 in the USA. While entirely an issue of posturing within Formula One’s circles, the spill-over affect of the Circuit of the Americas shutting down construction had obvious ramifications for MotoGP’s intention of running a Texan GP in 2013. From the looks of things, the Texan MotoGP round should not be affected by stoppage in work, and should proceed as planned.

“Our investors have believed all along that this project has tremendous benefit for our region, and provides a strong economic engine for the future,” stated Bobby Epstein, Founding Partner of the Circuit of The Americas. We remain committed to reaching our goal of being valuable community partners as we establish a platform for sports and entertainment. We’re glad that Tavo’s vision of bringing F1 to the people of Texas will become a reality.”

This means that the US will secure three rounds of GP racing on the 2013 MotoGP calendar, a much welcomed sight for North American motorcycle racing fans. The Austin track is a large piece of MotoGP’s bigger plan to engage the lucrative US market with MotoGP racing, as the United States has always proved to be a difficult area for the premier class to gain traction. We’ve already seen the paddock embracing more American involvement, and having three circuits on MotoGP’s racing agenda will hopefully garner more support for the series in the USA.

Source: AutoSport; Photo: Circuit of the Americas

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    “Nobody f#$ks with the Bernie”

  • RJ

    FACT: Bernie Ecclestone is of the worst type of slime there is….

  • Alexontwowheels

    SO glad to see this continue! I hope to attend the event in 2013, and hope to ride the circuit as soon as possible.

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  • The Austin GP is going to be great on many levels, one of which is relatively closer proximity for the fans along the southern states and throughout Central America

  • DareN

    I am a little bit bored with Indy and Laguna was not in the budget for the last few years, so I am definately looking forward to Moto GP there – especially after personal recommendation from K. Schwantz at my local Dainese store. As for the F 1 race – everyone should do it once for the experience. It is overpriced and drivers are unacessable – looks much better on TV.

  • irksome

    Bernie Ecclestone is the ugliest old woman on the planet.