Castrol Honda Talks about Being Castrol Honda

02/11/2011 @ 2:47 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

The name “Castrol Honda” in motorcycle racing is something that spans several decades, and for this writer conjures up the days when v-twins ruled World Superbikes. The battle in 2002 between Colin Edwards and Troy Bayliss is a season talked about when referencing “the glory years of World Superbike”, and I can still remember watching The Showdown at Imola, the final race of 2002 season, when Colin Edwards clinched the World Championship (did you just get goose bumps too?)…in fact it’s that race that got me hooked on motorcycles in the first place.

Taking that legacy into 2011, the newly reformed Castrol Honda team, campainged by Ten Kate Racing with factory Honda support, has quite a legacy to live up to…and the team knows it. Talking about what it means to wear the green, white, and red livery, Castrol Honda team members talk about the name’s past, and what they plan to accomplish this season while wearing the oil company’s banner. Check out their video after the jump.

Source: Castrol Honda

  • I couldn’t believe Honda and Castrol pulled the plug on the VTR1000SP1 (RC51), CEII was great to watch on the thang against TB. Moving to 2011, hope Ten Kate do OK, but not at the expense of the FOUR (4) S1000R Beemers, especially TC’s.

    NB: Rea, a great consistent rider, I just cannot fathom Crasher Xaus in the team!

  • I think hiring Xaus was a great move. Despite what people say about him, se still is better than the majority of the field, and word on the street was he was going for cheap Euros. The CBR1000RR is an established racing platform so he should have a better go of things than he did on the BMW.

  • Jensen, love the AR site, normally go with you guys on most issues, not this time. Xaus is a liability, I was at PI last year for the first round of the WSBK 2010, he dumped both ‘brand new’ S1000RR’s during the first! practice session directly in front of me at the same corner within minutes of one another, that was just the start of his year of off’s.

    He over rides no two ways about it, you cannot win, more importantly gain points in a Championship that way, my pic of his over riding and crashed bike here:

    BTW, I covered a fantastic meeting called the ‘International Island Classic’ at Phillip Island in January here, hope everyone finds something of interest:

  • Yeah, 2010 really wasn’t his season. A development rider, he is not.

  • Steve

    J.Rea has the fire and has earned every bit of respect as he should. I’m looking forward to seeing him on the Castrol Honda. As for Xaus,… great rider but needs a pint of Ritalin to stay focused and keep from falling down. Fun to watch but falls down waaay too much. I’m still pissed about the way Honda treated Edwards and blew him off after the champianship… but that’s Honda for yah. Love the way the bike looks. Fantastic job!

  • Mike J

    “the final race of 2002 season… it’s that race that got me hooked on motorcycles in the first place.”

    Stop it! you’re making me feel old!

  • Damn kids these days!

  • Mike J, you picked a great race to crank the interest, that race was so special, Bayliss just will never give up!, love it. Steve we are on the same page regarding the RC51/CEII debacle, get the thang finally sorted and simply STOP racing, that’s Honda for you, the bike and the RIDER had a few Championship fights left in them. I watch CEII in MotoGP and think of those days at WSBK……..

  • Halfie30

    I’ve been a fan of Xaus since his Moto GP days. His strength is in his style, but he is not the greatest “development” rider. Leave that to Corser and Biaggi in the WSBK paddock. Xaus will do well with a developed bike underneath him!