MotoGP: Casey Stoner to Return at the Motegi Round

10/03/2012 @ 9:48 am, by David Emmett9 COMMENTS

Casey Stoner is to rejoin the MotoGP paddock at Motegi. In a posting on his Repsol blog, Stoner confirmed that he will fly to Japan with the intention of trying to race. “I’ve been resting, having some physio and following doctor’s orders to recover. The good news is that I feel I can race in Motegi and will be rejoining my team next week and I can’t wait to get back on track,” the reigning World Champion wrote in his Repsol blog.

Stoner was forced to take a break from racing after badly damaging his ankle in a huge highside crash at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in August. Though he raced that weekend, he was forced to pull out of the next event at Brno just a few days later, for fear of suffering permanent damage in the event of a crash.

The Australian has made no secret of his intention to try to win his home MotoGP round at Phillip Island at the end of October. At the press conference in Brno where he told the media he was pulling out of that event, he expressed a desire to return two races earlier, to give himself a chance to be competitive at Phillip Island.

With the surgery a success and his recovery proceeding well, it appears that he has achieved his goal. Whether Stoner is actually fit enough to race will only be clear once he tries the bike, but his intention is clearly to do so.

Source: Repsol Blog; Photo: © 2012 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

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  • BBQdog

    ” ….. and I can’t wait to get back on track”

    Am I allowed to have my doubts ??

  • Ken C.

    Mr. Stoner, I think “your ambition outweighs your talent”.

  • Rider

    I used to be a Rossi fan, but going back and watching battles between him and Stoner put things in perspective. Rossi is an incredibly smart racer, but not the best rider to me. Next year I will be rooting for him, though im not entirely convinced he can handle a seasoned Lorenzo.

  • pooch

    LOL at the Stoner haters. Such shallow minds you must have, to feel the impulse to write such worthless comments.

    I’m looking forward to Casey coming back. The last race was boring as batshit.

  • Yeah – Me thinks Stoner should “un-retire” .. he can ride !

  • mxs

    And hopefully the spanish borefest will end …

  • BBQdog

    @pooch: being critical doesn’t make somebody a ‘hater’. You think too black and white.

  • Ralph B.

    I hope he can race in Motegi. let’s wait for the FP!

    He’ll win his home MotoGP! No doubt about it… going out with a bang. #screamer

  • Westward

    Stoner’s presence could make Pedrosa the world Champion or put him further away from it, that is unless Lorenzo can’t hold his own against either Repsol pilot.

    Since the only two machines other than Stoner’s capable of winning are those of Pedrosa and Lorenzo, there is little doubt that he would not finish on the rostrum. Dovizioso is the only other pilot capable of ending up on the podium. Spies, Crutchlow, and the long shot Rossi, all need circumstances to fall in their favour to be in Parc Fermé.