If you will pardon the pun, it’s a tough break for Casey Stoner and his Suzuka 8-Hour debut, as the two-time MotoGP World Champion broke his right scapula & left tibia today in crash that occurred while he was leading the famous iconic endurance race.

Stoner, along with his teammates Takumi Takahashi and Michael van der Mark, took the factory-backed Honda team of MuSASHI RT HARC-PRO to a third-place qualifying position, after the Top 10 team qualifying shootout.

With Stoner at the helm of #634 for his first stint of the day, the Honda team took over the leading position, when the Yamaha Factory Racing Team pitted.

Subsequently, the Australian lost control of the Honda CBR1000RR because the throttle got stuck open, which then caused him to crash into the hairpin turn of Turn 11, which is appropriately enough called “Hairpin”.

The news is an unfortunate end to Stoner’s return to motorcycle racing, and of course it ends the MuSASHI RT HARC-PRO team’s hope of defending their Suzuka 8-Hour win from last year.

There’s no word yet on Stoner’s recovery time, not that he will be needing to get on a motorcycle right away again.

Hopefully though, this won’t be the Australian’s last foray at the Suzuka 8-Hour, which is once again seeing the Japanese factories stack their teams with heavy-hitting World Championship riders and very talented Suzuka specialists.

Proving that point is the pole-setting factory Yamaha team, which has MotoGP’s Monster Yamaha Tech 3 riders Pol Espargaro & Bradley Smith joining Yamaha test rider Katsuyuki Nakasuga.

Source: Casey Stoner (Twitter); Photo: Alpinestars

  • Ant


  • Stephen Mears
  • TCWB

    Everyone knows Honda’s have sticky throttles… just ask Dani.

  • Roy

    Stephen, thanks you for sharing.
    Looks like the front end just washed out? Pretty scary!

  • Felipe Rodriguez

    has casey changed helmet brand???

  • Jack Meoph

    That sucks. I thought those bikes had electronic throttle systems.

  • John Walker

    That video shared looks like the corner speed was too much then the front went away.

  • chris

    tb21’s response on twitter is noice.

  • Harlan

    ha, that’s no Casey, it’s Van der Mark

  • almazing

    Great racer. A bit fragile physically and mentally, but still great.

  • Felipe Rodriguez

    Thanks. will be better a photo of casey XD… and to see SBK to know the riders helmet….

  • My fault. Bridgestone labeled the photo as Casey, and at 2am I was too delirious to notice.

  • Stevenk27

    Apparently HRC telemtry shows the throttle stuck open at 26% when rider shut it off. There is a videos with better quality where you can actually hear the engine hitting the limiter as Casey pulled the clutch in and was trying to slow the bike. Ultimately he failed and rather lay the bike down. Hope he heals soon and has another go next year.
    He rode the bike amazingly well, fastest Honda rider on a bike that has had litlle to no development in a few years, just ask any WSBK Honda rider, the bike is in need of a replacement and quick.

  • Spurdog1

    No wonder they say this track is dangerous. No run off there and a hard barrier. Casey was luck to break just a couple of bones. Get fit soon Casey. And well done Bradley and the Yamaha team. That has surely quietened down the doubters a bit more!

  • Spurdog1

    Well if they sell a few of the RC213V-S they wont need a new Blade. It might take them a couple of years to sell the required number though!

  • Alclab Ventek

    That’s a nasty crash! It’s clear the worst part was the barrier… I fail to see the purpose of it being there…

  • Ziggy

    Possibly to stop out of control vehicles from hitting other vehicles that were already ahead and going through the turn.

  • gr

    thit happens, it would have been quite a battle of fast, pity

  • Tom

    Why no article on Yamaha’s ass kicking of Honda at the Suzuka 8 Hours? With a stop and go penalty that cost the Yamaha team at least 1 full minute on the race track and they still won by 1min 17sec, plus they did 8 pit stops to the Honda’s 7. That R1 is a serious race bike and you guys have nothing good to say about Yamaha’s R1, Nakasuga-san, Pol, or Bradley? WTFreak? If Stoner and Honda won, David would showering them with praise, but when Yamaha soundly defeats the hell out of Honda there’s nothing. It shows your bias big time and it really sucks, no praise for how good the Blue team did? A total disgrace to good journalism. Come on A&R you guys are better that that !
    YES I was bummed when Casey hit the deck. I wall excited to see him back in action again. His front tire hit that bump in the tarmac just right and disrupted the front end and it caused him to stand the bike up and loose his line and run wide, plus the suck throttle, which I question, I thought it was fly by wire, how could it get stuck? Glad he wasn’t seriously hurt.
    Get well soon Casey !

  • thebbc

    you are lost mate. Casey has been with Nolan his entire career!!

  • thebbc

    That is casey you dunce! He always wears Nolan helmets and is #634 for this race

  • thebbc

    you are braindead. that is Casey!!

  • The race bikes have ride-by-wire throttle- it had a “glitch”. Yay technology!

  • The picture has been changed…there is no spoon…these are not the droids you are looking for…