Casey Stoner is to return to Australia to have surgery on the ankle he damaged in the qualifying crash at Indianapolis. After studying the MRI scans made in Indianapolis, Stoner’s Australia doctors have advised him he needs surgery to correct the damaged ligaments he tore at Indy.

The move means that Stoner will definitely miss this weekend’s Czech Grand Prix at Brno. How quickly the reigning World Champion will return is uncertain, though the surgery will require several weeks to recover. Already 39 points behind Jorge Lorenzo in the title race, missing Brno will put Stoner at an almost insurmountable disadvantage in the defense of his championship.

The Repsol Honda team issued the following brief press release, and a press conference with further information is to be held at Brno at 3:30pm local time:

Stoner to go back to Australia to receive surgery

Casey Stoner will leave Brno this evening for Australia after his doctors advised him to have surgery on his damaged ankle.

Source: Repsol Honda; Photo: © 2012 Jules Cisek / Popmonkey – All Rights Reserved

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  • I feel bad for the kid. Not the way I’d want my last season to go, but this is all going to tie into why he is leaving the sport I think. He seems ready just to go home and be a dad.

    Heal up quick Casey. We still want a couple more shows!

  • John

    Too bad, the chances of repeating the championship are pretty slim now. I look forward to seeing him ride again before he retires.

  • SBPilot

    Sad to see Stoner out with this, and will be out for a while. A* boots are crap, and this is testament.

  • Westward

    At 39 points behind, unless Lorenzo crashes out, there is no realistic way Stoner was going to repeat as world champion. However, Pedrosa is having a surge similar to the one he had back in 2010, before he crashed out and injured himself.

    It looks like a a two Spaniard race from here on out. This could be the the closest Pedrosa gets if he doesn’t win it all…

  • justadude

    Casey put in a heroic effort at Indy. Props for going out there that busted up. I was sitting in the stands there at Indy during qualifying and my buddy and I just couldn’t believe there were three vicious highsides in a row. All on the same portion of track. All three of them looked bad but Casey’s and Nicky’s looked especially scary. I hope all three of them heal up quickly and get back on the track.

  • Casey was freakin’ Iron Man at Indy this year. His high side was horrific and the fact that he rode at all was a marvel. I’m sad to see him go.

    Next year will likely feature all-Spanish podiums as Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Marquez dominate the rostrum with, perhaps, the occasional visit from Vale. I remember Biaggi winning his first MotoGP race. It’s not inconceivable that Marquez could do the same thing.

  • Spektre76

    Godspeed Casey.

  • J W

    It aint over till its over, anything can and will happen..

  • Damo

    That pretty much scuttled his championship hopes.

    Down to Dani to bring home gold for Honda. He is obviously meshing well with the new bike set up. Could he finally take the title?

    Jorge has looked kinda unstoppable lately though.