Caption This Photo: Shooter McGavin

03/20/2012 @ 9:43 am, by Jensen Beeler30 COMMENTS
  • btb

    Hey ladies, check out my huge camel toe.

  • New Bike! New Colors! Same Results!

  • Keith

    I got yer mojo!

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    I thought Italians were supposed to have “style”?!!? How could they let this happen?

  • doug

    I haven’t always been with Ducati…

    And when I wasn’t- I was fast…..

    All joking aside- Go Nicky!

  • Lefty

    … Nicky demonstrating the little known Kentucky Two step

  • Twin-spar aluminum frame? Helll yeahhhhh boyyyyy

  • Dennis

    Hey ladies, how ya like my moose knuckle?

  • thought we came with a winning bike?

    HAAAAAA! Catch’ya!

  • John


    Too bad he doesn’t ride for Triumph.

  • Brian ZS

    I like my bikes like I like my women…fast and without feeling!!


  • wayne

    HAHAHHA! You fell for it! You actually PULLED my finger!

  • Joe

    Top ten baby…..

  • David

    “What do you mean? I am standing up straight!”

  • Bjorn

    See you in in the midfield. We’ll be the ones racing the CRT bikes.

  • Grant Madden

    I,m gonna beat YOU Vale.He he he

  • JW

    Even though I dont get on the podium much these days the pay is good and my career has been very very good to me. Hey I dont trail too far behind Rossi any more!

  • Darryl

    Yall be Kool Now

  • handtius

    I am Bill S Preston Esquire! and I am Ted Theodore Logan! and we are… WILD STALLIONS!!!!

    ~in, Bill and Teds Fantastic Future~


    “No Eric Estrada, you’re a homo”.

    – Nicky Hayden #69, Ducati AMG

  • The man from T.A.N.T.E.


    Ah Crap…Who am I kidding….I sound like a nasal hairlip excuse department……

  • Snickerty

    I get paid more than you – oo
    Na na – na na – na na

  • Kyle

    “still got a factory ride”

  • Tony

    Shake and bake, Valentino !

  • the lawyer

    Not gettin’ lucky, on the Sedici. Kentucky on the otherhand…

  • AK

    Yooo, Braoo !!!

  • Gary

    At least this Fonz can ride his motorcycle

  • Guzzigray

    My eyebrows would be this long if I didn’t wax.


  • M.I.

    “I done tole ya, I wanna bucket a EXTRA crispy chicken wings. Don’t you EYE-talians have fried chicken?”

  • finance

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