Capirossi on His Way to Losing a Bet with Ezpeleta

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For over a year the Balatonring has struggled to get to completion and be included in the MotoGP racing schedule. With the economic collapse last year, the Hungarian track failed to be completed on time to make its 2009 debut; and with the collapse in the real estate market, there was some doubt if the track would be completed at all.

Yet despite this Dorna remained faithful and thought it fit to place the track on the 2010 calendar. Upon its inspection in October 2009 by the MotoGP Rider’s Safety Commission, Loris Capirossi bet Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta that the track wouldn’t be ready in time for the 2010 season. With a steak dinner on the line, Capirex should be seriously considering a stop by the butchery with the latest news.

Whether it be Capirossi or Ezpeleta, the loser of the bet will have to take the entire Safety Commission out to a steak dinner, and now that the Hungarian Development Bank has stepped in with additional funding for the Balatonring, there seems to be little reason as to why the track won’t be completed on-time for its September 19th debut.

Sources close to the Balatonring say that this late surge of capital assures the track’s completion in time for the autumn GP. There’s still quite a number of months between now and September, but we have a feeling Carmelo Ezpeleta will be eying a good Steak Hàz in the Balaton lake region.

Source: via MotoMatters