We here in the United States have a hard enough time dealing with the antics of the Batman and Robin duo that is DMG and the AMA, but our Canadian brothers to the north have their own issues to deal with as well. In a surprising announcement, Canadian Superbike Championship has announced that it has banned the the entire 2010 Yamaha line from racing in its various series, while any year Yamaha YZF-R1 has been banned from the Canadian Pro Superbike class. More after the jump.

The announcement comes after Yamaha Canada announced that it was withdrawing from thee Canadian Superbike Championship, both in terms of series support, and team involvement. Previously, the six major manufacturers directly involved in the Parts Canada Superbike Championship contributed equally to the series, including support of its television broadcast package.

Because of Yamaha’s withdrawn support, the series has implemented these rules that all but remove the tuning-fork brand from Canadian motorcycle racing. As such, only 2009 model year or earlier, privateer YZF-R6’s will be racing professionally in Canada this day forth, or until this rule gets overturned. Seemingly, the 600’s are being sparred the knife only because of their pervasive use by privateers in the series.

“Our biggest concern is the privateer or club level racer with existing Yamaha equipment,” said Colin Fraser of the series organizers, Professional Motorsports Productions, in the release. “The vast majority of Yamaha riders utilize 600s, and we agreed that it was in everyone’s best interests to allow these existing machines to continue to compete.”

Organizers added that they plan, and look forward to, reinstating Yamaha in the future, when the manufacturer is able to return to participate in the Parts Canada Superbike Championship Series.

Source: Canadian Superbike via MotorcycleUSA

  • Canadian Superbike Championship Bans 2010 Yamaha's from Racing …

  • That has got to be some of the dumbest shit I’ve read in a long while. Poor form Canadian Superbike organizers, poor form.

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  • Aj Marini

    As a Canadian, I am ashamed at this move by the series. The organizers should recognize that they have a quality issue on their hands and deal with it accordingly. Banning Yamaha shows poor form.

    I’m with drawing my support and won’t attend races because it isn’t worth the effort anymore. Will the organizers ban me as well?

  • ted

    Colin Fraser is involved in running both the DMG/ama and Canadian Superbike Championships.

    This guy is unbeleiveable (in a bad way, obviously). He is almost singlehandedly destroying motorcycle racing in North America.

    If anybody should be banned from motorcycle racing – it should be Colin Fraser.

    Colin Fraser – what the are you DOING man ?

    Step back and take a look at the damage you’ve done to not only the Canadian superbike series, but the American superbike series too.

    Go away Colin Fraser, GO AWAY.

    It’s guys like you that are making real motorcycle racing fans turn to GREAT racing products like the BSB (British Superbike Championship), World Supersport, World Superbike, Moto 2, Moto GP, etc, instead of watching North American (CRAP – because YOU ruined them) racing series.

    When I read about the way you’re destroying motorcycle racing in north america, you make me ashamed to be Canadian.


    -a concerned motorcycle racing enthusiast.

  • JB

    Roadracing fans in North American are in deep trouble between DMG and the Canada Superbike Series. With the world wide economic issues and the major impact it is having on motorcycle manufactures we have these “geniuses” running both series into the ground! Our only hope is that they completely kill it so a new organization can start a fresh series in the future. Edmondson and Fraser retire!!!!!

  • Canadian Superbike Championship Bans 2010 Yamaha's from Racing …

  • TheAssassin

    I remember back in the 1990’s when roadracing at Shannonville was pretty sparsley attended and supported and no rules like this were invoked. This is ridiculous…..sounds alot like a rule that this ruling would come from a “money” based organization like NASCAR or something like that, not a “motorcycle enthusiast” supported and populated organization. I guess “big business” has come to Canadian Superbike Racing: No love, just money. Pay up Sucka or leave.

  • richard

    Wow, that is all I can say. Fraser has singlehandedly f*#ked motorcycle racing in North America. The damage he has done will last many, many years and will not be easy to fix. Looks like I’ll be watching all my racing online next season since SPEED’s coverage of the international racing is just as bad as DMG’s management. I think there’s a NASCAR connection in there somewhere. I’m done. I can see why the big guys like Yamaha and Honda are running away, far far away.

  • richard

    Oh, and go support your local club racing! It’s the only hope.

  • Joe Rocket

    This is bullshit. No other way to say it. You didn’t see them ban Honda when they pulled their factory team a few years ago. You didn’t see them ban Suzuki when the Picotte/Blackfoot (basically Canadian Factory Suzuki) Team originally said they weren’t going to field a team in 2010. And hey, they also didn’t ban Kawasaki when they originally said they were withdrawing from the series. So what the f**k are they thinking banning Yamaha?!? Yamaha was the MOST SUCCESSFUL brand in the world last year. They won championships in World Supersport, World Superbike, World Endurance, motoGP, British Superbike, Dutch Superbike, Australian Superbike, and World Motocross. So what exactly are Colin Fraser and the other idiots running this gong-show thinking?!? I used to go to Mosport and Shannonville. Not anymore. It’s no longer worth my time, effort, and money. With gas prices, admission prices, camping fees, and a lack of any real talent on display, 2010 is shaping up to be a very easy year to skip. Canadian Superbike is screwed. Totally bent-over, up-the-arse screwed. We’ve lost Jordan Szoke this year too. Bloody hell…is it ever going to stop?!? Canada’s most winningest racer. Superbike/Supersport Champ 4yrs in a row, and the poor bastard can’t even get a renewal on his contract! WHAT THE F**K!!!! I can only hope that Mr.Szoke can land a ride somewhere else in the world, where the racing scene isn’t totally f**ked, and represent Canada the way we all know he can. But back to the original issue. I think Colin Fraser should be dragged out onto the pit-lane and shot in front of all the REAL fans. We’re the ones who built this sport in Canada. We’re the ones who support it. And guess what…WE’RE THE ONE’S WHO ARE GOING TO STOP SUPPORTING IT! I suggest that any of the real fans boycott anything related to DMG/AMA, Colin Fraser, Roger Edmonston, and Canadian Superbike. It’s the only way they’ll get the message. We’re the ones that make the difference. The general public will never change the channel from Opra or Dr.Phil, or Nascar to watch Canadian Superbike. In closing, someone, somewhere, please find Mr.Fraser and bring me his head. That is all. Goodbye Canadian Superbike.