Canadian Superbike Championship Bans 2010 Yamaha’s from Racing – Makes DMG Look Good

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We here in the United States have a hard enough time dealing with the antics of the Batman and Robin duo that is DMG and the AMA, but our Canadian brothers to the north have their own issues to deal with as well. In a surprising announcement, Canadian Superbike Championship has announced that it has banned the the entire 2010 Yamaha line from racing in its various series, while any year Yamaha YZF-R1 has been banned from the Canadian Pro Superbike class. More after the jump.

The announcement comes after Yamaha Canada announced that it was withdrawing from thee Canadian Superbike Championship, both in terms of series support, and team involvement. Previously, the six major manufacturers directly involved in the Parts Canada Superbike Championship contributed equally to the series, including support of its television broadcast package.

Because of Yamaha’s withdrawn support, the series has implemented these rules that all but remove the tuning-fork brand from Canadian motorcycle racing. As such, only 2009 model year or earlier, privateer YZF-R6’s will be racing professionally in Canada this day forth, or until this rule gets overturned. Seemingly, the 600’s are being sparred the knife only because of their pervasive use by privateers in the series.

“Our biggest concern is the privateer or club level racer with existing Yamaha equipment,” said Colin Fraser of the series organizers, Professional Motorsports Productions, in the release. “The vast majority of Yamaha riders utilize 600s, and we agreed that it was in everyone’s best interests to allow these existing machines to continue to compete.”

Organizers added that they plan, and look forward to, reinstating Yamaha in the future, when the manufacturer is able to return to participate in the Parts Canada Superbike Championship Series.

Source: Canadian Superbike via MotorcycleUSA