BUB: Confederate P120 Fighter Heads to Bonneville Looking for Another Land Speed Record

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Confederate Motorcycles is back on the Salt Flats of Bonneville, looking to for another land speed record in the A-PF 2000cc push-rod and unfaired class.

In 2008, Confederate broke the previous 141 mph record with their B120 Wraith motorcycle, clocking 166.459 on the dried salt. This year, Confederate hopes to smash their own record with their new P120 Fighter.

This is the 4th year in a row that Confederate has gone to the BUB Land Speed Record event, and so far the early reports look like they are well on their way to another record. The Fighter in its first run, did 148.9 mph, the best first run Confederate has ever had on the flats.

Today, the Fighter is making some strong improvements, doing 155.9 mph earlier this morning. The team still has a ways to go if they want to catch their previous mark, but seems to be making process. You can follow the Confederate land speed record attempt in real-time on twitter.