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Dorna Sports issued the following press release on the acquisition of the broadcast rights for MotoGP in the United Kingdom for the next five years. More information and full commentary will be released soon, but there are a few key details which are already known.

Firstly, for details on how to receive BT Sport, see the BT Sport website. Secondly, although the commentary team is as yet unknown, the names of Julian Ryder and Keith Huewen are circulating, though this could of course be wishful thinking.

Thirdly, it seems almost certain that British Eurosport will no longer provided delayed broadcast of the MotoGP races, as that deal was tied up with the BBC contract. After the jump is the press release from Dorna:

BT Sport to bring MotoGP™ to British audiences from 2014

Dorna Sports announces today an agreement with BT Sport for the exclusive broadcast rights to the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship, starting from the 2014 season, to be shown across all its platforms in the UK and Ireland.

The five-year agreement will see MotoGP as premium programming in the thrilling line up of top sports on the new BT Sport channels. Motorcycle racing’s premier Championship will be part of this exciting new venture and will join other headline properties such as the Barclays Premier League and Aviva Premiership Rugby.

MotoGP fans won’t miss a minute of the action as race weekends will be covered in full starting from the free practices on the Friday and including full coverage of Moto2™ and Moto3™ as well as the elite category MotoGP.

Coverage will be hosted on-site with additional studio coverage from BT Sport’s state of the art facilities at the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.

BT Sport will create an exciting second screen experience, giving fans the ability to see races from the riders’ perspective and with more interactive features showing off the most technologically advanced bikes.

This will give the UK audience a whole new MotoGP viewing experience, immersing them in every aspect of the Championship.

The MotoGP line up will be further enhanced by additional motorcycle-related programming in between Grand Prix weekends.

BT Vision and YouView viewers will be able to catch up on any live action they miss as BT Sport will make the programming available on demand, on television and on digital.

BT Sport will be heading into the world of MotoGP at full throttle, with extensive promotion across all media outlets including outdoor advertising, newspapers and magazines, as well as cross-promotion during its flagship football and rugby coverage.

Manel Arroyo, Dorna Sports, Managing Director, commented: “We’re proud that MotoGP will be part of such a huge and exciting project as BT Sport. I’m sure that BT Sport will provide the in-depth coverage that MotoGP deserves and in turn MotoGP will provide the sporting drama and excitement to help launch BT Sport as a major player in the TV market. Our new partnership comes at the perfect time, with British riders flourishing in the Championship and we look forward to our British fans being able to follow every single minute of the action.”

Simon Green, Head of BT Sport, said: “The agreement with MotoGP is really exciting. We want BT Sport to offer a wide range of sports that appeal to many different audiences and MotoGP is a thrilling sport with a massive and committed fan base in the UK and Ireland. We believe existing fans will be thrilled with our comprehensive coverage and how we intend to develop the Moto GP brand and think we can also help the sport win many new fans.”

Source: Dorna Sports; Photo: © 2010 Graeme L. White & Glen Cozens / James Cook University – All Rights Reserved

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • article dan

    Well I wont be watching next year then. Well done dorna, how could they think that would bring a bigger audience it must just be about the money. Ho hum cal crutchlow probably wont get a decent ride anyway. .

  • article dan

    Cough suzuki cough

  • BBQdog

    This is VERY bad news for all those European viewers who watched MotoGP via the BBC Red Button channels and ordinary BBC channels or British EuroSport.

  • Westward

    Eurosport has the best commentary. Ideal lineup would be Toby Moody, Julian Ryder, and Neil Spalding commentating, and Matt Roberts and Azi Farni on the tarmac and in the paddock reporting…

    Why can’t someone in charge see this as obvious…?

    Channel at this point would be irrelevant…

  • article dan

    Yes I agree with all of that although I would replace julian with james haydon lol.
    I prefer to watch on eurosport but they’ve not got anyone in the paddock or on the grid talking to riders as azi and matt do.. end of an era for me been watching for years :(

  • phil

    I can see this backfiring on Bt with a very low audience figures.

  • Carl Dodds

    What a totally dumb decision by Dorna – The Uk audience with BT Vision is TINY compared to the current arrangements. This will have consequences for team & rider sponsors and UK motorcycle and related product sales. A very sad day for an already depressed UK industry.

  • smiler

    Well I wont be watching next year then. Well done dorna, how could they think that would bring a bigger audience it must just be about the money. Ho hum cal crutchlow probably wont get a decent ride anyway

    quite agree.

  • SixtySpeedTwin

    Rubbish decision. I currently watch the build up on bbc the watch on sky.
    I don’t have the band witdth to stream where I am, do I guess I’m screwed!

  • Eric

    Because of the overwhelming number of competitors in the MotoGP class they are trying to reduce that by limiting the exposure for sponsors. The less viewers MotoGP has, the less sponsors are interested. That should do the trick.

    Oh wait…

  • Jim Morrison

    BT Sport – who are they? I’ve never heard of them and I can’t imagine I’m alone. An unbelievable decision by Dorna. I’ve been watching MotoGP since long before it was called MotoGP and I think the BBC coverage is superb but sad to say I won’t be trawling the web to find BT Sport so after all these years no more MotoGP for me. At least I saw Valentino’s golden years.
    I must echo also the thought of other commentators re sponsorship. If I was a sponsor looking for coverage
    I’d be running a mile from BT Sport.

  • Paul

    Just as brittish riders start getting rides and some results in all motogp classes this happens to kill the sport off in the uk. I dont understand why, but I wont be watching the sport I have loved for the last 15 years. Its very sad news. Dont dorna care about the fans? I go and watch the live race in the uk every year but that will stop to. I hope there are protests at silverstone over this.