Is Brammo Racing at the Isle of Man TT?

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Our Bothans had been hinting at a secret entry in the TT Zero event at the 2015 Isle of Man TT, and it seems that entry could be Brammo.

The tip-off comes courtesy of renowned road racer Lee Johnston, who tweeted that the weather in California was just fine…while sitting next to the Brammo track trailer, and with a Brammo Empulse RR beside him (pictured above).

There is really only one reason why “General Lee” would be testing the American outfit’s electric race bike, and that’s if the now R&D company wanted to go head-to-head with Mugen, Saroléa, et al.

Many will remember that Brammo participated in the 2009 Isle of Man TT, at the inaugural TTXGP event, and finished 3rd with a 75 mph lap.

Brammo will need Johnston to lay down a lap much faster than that though, in order to keep up with the pace of competition. Expectations are for the 120 mph barrier to be broken this year.

Expectations could be met, as the word on the street is that Brammo hasn’t exactly been sitting on its laurels — Mugen riders John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey can expect a bit of competition.

The flag drops for the TT Zero race on June 10th.

Source: Lee Johnston (Twitter)