Brammo Going Racing at the AMA Mini Moto SX

04/26/2011 @ 5:04 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

The Asphalt & Rubber Bothan spies were hard at work over the weekend. Taking a break from finding ALL of the Easter Eggs in the A&R office, the Bothans did what they do best, and found the entry list to the AMA Mini Moto SX that’s going on next week in Las Vegas.

Sure enough in the paperwork was our favorite Ashland-based motorcycle company, which isn’t surprising since Brammo likes to go racing, but raises some eyebrows since you might recall the Mini Moto event is an off-road supercross-style race. Since a company doesn’t just decide to go racing on a whim, this surely must mean that Brammo has dirt bikes on the brain.

One of the hard parts of being a small motorcycle company is that it is incredibly hard to be profitable with one or two bikes. Ideally, a company would have a range of motorcycles that dip into each market segment in the industry.

No doubt Brammo is feeling this pressure as well, and we imagine the Oregonian company is eyeing the off-road market as a place where its electric platform can compete well (back in 2009 we saw first-hand Enertia’s with dirt bike wheels and mud paint jobs, so the off-road market isn’t a new concept for Brammo).

While it’s just speculation at this point, it will be interesting to see what sort of bike Brammo shows up with at Las Vegas. Will this be a ground-up new bike from Ashland, or a continuation of the Enertia platform, re-tooled for SX duty? Only time will tell.

Source: Bothan Spies

  • Tron Jockey

    Rumors of new Brammo products are both tantalizing and painful. I waited three years after placing a deposit on an Aptera before asking for a refund. Having placed a pre-order for an Empluse with no news about potential delivery dates, I’m feeling a bit of deja vu.

  • Dan

    I visited Brammo last August. they had, tucked away in a little corner, a Zero MX model and some old flat track type thing…I think, don’t quote me on the last, but they definitely had a Zero. They also had several Enertia mounted with knobbies for a Jackie Chan movie.

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  • emotofreak

    Where’s your bothan spy report of Brammo’s crushing defeat?