SCTA Cancels Bonneville Speed Week, Again

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Bad news continues from the Bonneville Salt Flats, as the SCTA has officially cancelled its upcoming Speed Week event — an event that was cancelled last year as well.

As we reported earlier, Speed Week was put into serious doubt because of the conditions of the salt flats, which were shown to have a thin salt layer and wet/muddy conditions that made the historic site unsuitable for land speed racing.

Spending Tuesday morning at Bonneville looking for a suitable stretch of salt for a 2.25-mile course, SCTA President/Race Director Bill Lattin & the BNI Chairman Roy Creel deemed the conditions unsafe for a race course, and thus dashed any hopes of the event being salvaged.

Perhaps the only silver-lining to today’s news is that if the salt dries out, future land speed racing events might be possible at Bonneville this year.

As we mentioned in our earlier report though, even if this year sees other land speed events take place, the long-term viability of Bonneville as a venue for land speed racing is still in doubt.

The salt conditions continue to be plaguing problem each year for the organizations that race on the iconic salt flats, and the causes of those effects do not seem to be in abatement.

If this trend continues, it is very likely that we will see the end of Bonneville and its racing pedigree. That would be a tragic day for the American, and international, racing landscape.

Source: SCTA-BNI; Photo: Confederate Motorcycles