You don’t need a good excuse to watch a motorcycle pit crew practice their pit stop maneuvers, but the upcoming Daytona 200 certainly helps.

Common place in the four-wheeled realm, the pit stop is still a bit of a novelty in two-wheeled racing. Outside of the Endurance World Championship and Isle of Man TT, you would be hard pressed to see a team refuel and change tires on a bike mid-race.

Of course at Phillip Island last year, MotoGP riders had to try their hand at a pit stop. Though the GP riders had a simpler go of things than most, only having to switch bikes instead of servicing one.

Even with that relatively easy task, that Australian pit lane was like armageddon for the MotoGP paddock — so much so, photographers were banned from entering pit lane for that race, and we’ll say nothing about Marc Marquez’s snafu.

So with that all said, enjoy our yearly “pit stop practice video” for the Daytona 200. This year, Benny Solis and his crew show us how it’s done. Looking good boys.

Source: Benny Solis

  • David

    That was awesome, so fast.

  • endurance

    this is what i call a pit stop… they changed both wheels faster than those guys changed just rear wheel

  • TKM

    lol, endurance was right.

  • Yeeha! Stephen

    “lol, endurance was right.”

    Not so fast yooz guyz! (pun intended)

    The Kawi is already on a pit stand, the rear gunner has his tool on the axle, and they didn’t have to put the chain back on.

    Still… pretty impressive work for non-F1/NASCAR stuff.

    Bedrock Texas… twitch – twitch

  • buellracerx

    I remember practicing this for the 200 a few years back, the AMA sprint regulars looked at us like we were crazy…

    good luck guys! Slow is fast for pit stops!