Ben Spies Looking for Contract Renewal with Yamaha

10/22/2010 @ 6:59 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

The term “strike while the iron is hot” comes to mind with the news that Ben Spies is currently in talks to re-up his contract with Yamaha. Already contracted to ride with the factory Yamaha team in the 2011 season, Spies is looking to cash in on his MotoGP Rookie of the Year title, and lock up a deal with Yamaha Racing that would see the Texan on the squad through 2013.

Spies clearly has a long career still ahead of him in MotoGP, and with the American helping develop the 2012 Yamaha YZR-M1, both the Spies and Yamaha would like to see the Texan around to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Yamaha Racing boss Lin Jarvis and Spies hope to come to some sort of agreement by the end of this season, whether that contract will before for two years, or one year with an option for another, still remains to be seen though.

One thing is for certain however, fans in the United States will be excited to see the currently top-ranked American secure his place in GP racing in the coming years.

Source: MCN & GPone; Photo: Monster Yamaha Tech3

  • Sean

    Maybe I’m the odd one, but just because he’s an American doesn’t mean I root for him. Quite the opposite in fact. Nicky is my Yank of choice, because of how he conducts himself on and off the track.

    But Spies definitely makes things interesting, and it’ll be worth watching to see how much of a threat he’ll be next year in the factory squad.

  • KK

    and so he should, i dont see why yamaha wouldnt want to lock this guy up for 3+ years.

    I honestly dont think that one can say spies is a bad guy, i think he just has a deifferent kinda personality. I like them both becuase they are american and for us to have a good showing in a world racing series is rare these days.

    Spies is just one of those really serious racers and i respect that and his performance shows.

    I think he has the potential to be a multi world champion, maybe no Doctor, but something we havnt seen since americans have dominated world class motorcycle road racing in the 80s

  • The Factual World

    Spies for the win, again and again. He is calm and cool like the doctor and unlike any of the other American riders.

    Nicky always has the pre-race jitters you can hear in his voice. Colin controls his anger better than he used to, but still can’t stay as focused as Spies does. And we all know how well Hopper controlled his attitude.

  • Ducracerx

    I’m telling you right now Rossi is fearing Spies next season as his main competition. Not Lorenzo!

  • wayne

    I think Spies gets a bit of a bad rap simply because he doesn’t seem to play a lot of games. When he wins he doesn’t go jump in a lake, nor does he play word games during the press conferences. He’s one of those cats who shows up, gets down to business and doesn’t say a lot in the process. The only time I’ve seen him even a bit hot was in the ’09 WSBK season when Fabrizio took him out. Because he doesn’t say a lot I think some people presume there is a certain amount of snobbery or attitude, but I’m not seeing it.

  • chinov

    I’m a valentino fans ever since i started watching motogp, but spies came a long and from there i become spies fans. i still cheer for rossi but not as much i used to… Spies is made just to race what ever bike his given and nothing else. he let his riding do the talking and shut all the critics about him for not having a out going personality like rossi, lorenzo just name a few. . he can a world champ no doubt about that regard less of your personality just like stoner..