Aspar Closing in on Ducati Satellite Team Deal

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Jorge “Aspar” Martinez is closing in on finally becoming a player in MotoGP. Aspar has had his eye on MotoGP for some time now, hoping to move out of the ranks of 250GP, where he has been making quite the showing with Alvaro Bautista at the helm. Despite his ambition, the right deal has never been able to materialize for Martine. But that now seems to be changing as Aspar could announce before Donington, his plans to enter MotoGP as Ducati Satellite team. Bautista, however, is still a question mark.

One of  Aspar’s sticking points has always been the requirement of having a Spanish rider (or two) on his team. This requirement looks to have been finally met, with a potential deal with Ducati in the works. Aspar revealed to that, “the idea is to work with Ducati and we are going forward with this plan. We have to tie up the last few details –the matter of the rider more than anything- and hope to be able to announce something at Donington at the latest.”

All signs point to Bautista as being the rider of choice for the new Ducati team, although that has not been confirmed. Bautista has said in the past he would ride on any bike but the GP9. However, the prospect of keeping is team together, and moving up to compete against rival Marco Simoncelli might be over-shadowing that statement.

Source: MotoGP