The composition of the MotoGP grid at Laguna Seca remains uncertain at the moment, as injuries sustained at the Sachsenring continue to take their toll. On Tuesday, Andrea Iannone announced that he would not be fit enough to race at Laguna Seca, after a CT scan showed up problems with the shoulder he hurt at the Sachsenring.

Iannone had a massive crash at Turn 1, as he accidentally selected the pit lane mapping while braking for the corner, locking up the rear wheel and being thrown from the bike. The Italian dislocated his right shoulder in the crash, and was forced to withdraw from the race in Germany.

An examination in Italy revealed a large amount of fluid in the joint, making it impossible for him to race in the US GP, the Italian press service ANSA is reporting.

While Iannone is definitely out of the race at Laguna, Jorge Lorenzo is edging closer to a decision to race in the US. The reigning world champion is due to have a medical examination this afternoon, to assess his physical condition. Based on the outcome, Lorenzo will decide tomorrow morning on whether he will fly to the US and take part in the Laguna Seca race.

On Saturday, Jorge Lorenzo had announced on his Twitter feed that he would not be racing. Three days later, Lorenzo may be reconsidering that decision. The announcement, made yesterday, that Dani Pedrosa intends to fly to the US and hopes to race at Laguna may have a bearing on Lorenzo’s decisions.

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This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • JLo

    I hope he will race at laguna seca, and keeps the championship close. He can just settle for the top 5 and score some points instead of trying too hard and hurt himself again.

  • Seth

    should have Josh Hayes on the bike without question.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    I’d like to see Lorenzo at Laguna too, but I don’t think it would be wise for him.

    I saw him do a massive high-side at Laguna (I believe in 2010) at turn 5 (if I have my turn #s correct). The guy was seriously launched like a pea from a spoon. Something like that in his current condition could end his career.

    @JLo, I don’t think Lorenzo is wired to race at anything less than full bore 100%.

  • TexusTim

    so first lorenzo is flying to laguna and now so is pedrosa..ok so maybe they will even try to practice..can you imagine the load on there shoulder/collar in the corkscrew? let alone a get off there because they dont have the strenght to push hard ? I imagine there sponsors would prefere they miss one amrican round than more and maybe worse injury that could end the season for one of there top riders…if they sit it out they will have a good recuperation and everyone should be good in time for Indy…the points are close for sure but if marquz misses points one time its back on…even closer and more in the hunt…just sayin yo

  • SBPilot

    Lorenzo needs to look at John Hopkins and think very clearly if he wants to take the chance to royally, and by royally I mean permanently damage his body/collarbone and basically end his career as a top flight rider. One silly decision. The flip side is, he won’t fall at all in any session and go on and ride to a top 5. It’s either the best circumstance or the worst so who knows.

    Either way all these kids, Pedrosa especially, will be one sore ass MF when they are older (40s – whenever) Surgeries, plates, screws, no matter how well they “heal” your body is permanently damaged.

  • Faust

    Hayes won’t be on the bike and no it doesn’t make any sense. Hayes is trying to win another AMA championship, and they are racing this weekend at Laguna as well.

  • Seth

    you dont think Josh Hayes could manage to do both races? Hayes is going to destroy the field in AMA SBK and would top 10, if not top 8 on the Factory M1. but Yamaha can take a chance at destroying what ever is left of Jorge’s collerbone if the wish.